Lets Make Survival Kits For Crappy Days!

winter survival kit

   The second half of january and february are the worst parts of the year for me (as predicted by Linda Goodman´s Star Signs, a weird book that I love). I absolutely dread the way the winter drags on, I feel I have no energy left, I overindulge on sweets and feel generally blue. I usually find myself at the doctor´s either with complaints of low energy, or with some kind of sickness. It´s the same every year.
   Doesn´t post-holiday winter suck? Do you feel the same way? Well, I have a great idea: lets make ourselver winter survival packages for next year. It´s very simple: take a cute box, pack it full with goodies you think you´ll enjoy next winter, slip in a loving note to your future self and tie with a ribbon! Open next year and enjoy!

   What to put inside? I´m thinking orange essential oil, a spicy herbal tea, bath bombs, a paper snowflake, candied ginger, a cute pair of earrings, a natural scented or beeswax candle, a cute lip balm, and a gift certificate for a small amount to a store you love. Oh, and maybe a Vitamin D supplement; I´m not a fan of supplements but it you happen to have weeks without sun where you live, you might need this.
    Oh, and if like me you are of the forgetful type, you might want to label the box with "don´t open until __" and put a reminder on you calendar!

    If you actually like the end of winter, you can make a survival kit for whatever your worst time of the year is, whether its the middle of a hot summer, the time just before exams, or the bustle before the holidays, feel free to make a survival kit for that! Or you could even make one for unexpected lows that is labeled with "open in case of emergency". Include a DVD of a funny film, a tiny but high-quality box of chocolates and a pedicure or massage voucher!

   And for the curious, if you want to know what Linda Goodman predicts as the hardest time of the year for you, try adding the numbers of your birthday and checking the number below. For example 27 November would be 2+7=9
"Number one: october, november, december
Number two: january, february, july
Number three: december, february, june and september
Number four: january, february, july, august and september
Number five: june, september, december
Number six: may, october, november
Number seven: january, february, july, august
Number eight: january, february, july, december
Number nine: february, april, may, october and november

  The hardships in these months may be physical or mental or even accidents, and most are brought on by negative emotional attitudes, overwork and anxiety."

   Is this accurate for you? What will you put into your survival kit

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