Cosmetic Favourites Jan 2013: Calu, Logona For Combination Skin, Pore-Sucker, Ebonite Comb and Beauty Blender Lookalike

       So this February I have been trying out the above, and I have to say that I am quite pleased with most of this month's products. Read on to find out why:

Logona Organic Aloe Cleansing Gel

   I have been looking for another cleansing method to replace the cold oil-cleansing I had been doing. (I shouldn't have been using hot washcloths because of cuperose skin, and lightly warm ones just don't bring the same results for me.) A Sante cosmetic consultant suggested I try the Logona Aloe Cleansing Gel, and I love it. It is gentle and cleanses thoroughly, and it will have a regular place on my cosmetic shelf.
   Natrue certified, organic and cruelty free.

Logona Organic Mint and Witch Hazel Cleansing Mask

   This mask is meant for oily or combination skin with impurities, and I was advised to use it 2-3 times a week to deal with my oily T-zone. (Last winter my skin was flaking, and this winter it suddenly started getting oily). I feel that the mask is doing a great job of re-balancing the skin, and it seems to lessen my chocolate-overdose related breakouts. (Yeah, I know, I should not eat so much, but easier said than done). Unlike many masks for oily skin, this one doesn't dry me out at all -- not even when I keep it on way too long because I got distracted by Reddit. When applying carefully avoid the eyes and any dry patches, otherwise it might burn a bit. If your skin is very sensitive I'd recommend a patch test first, as the peppermint has a bit of a "bite".
    It's a bit pricey as far as masks go, but I have to say that one sachet goes a long way. I use the mask only on the T-tone and I think I got twenty generous applications out of the whole packet.

Calu Powerserum, Hydrocreme and Vitamincreme

   Calu is on of the new natural cosmetic brands that are mushrooming everywhere thanks to Germany's green cosmetics boom.  What caught my attention is that Calu products are alcohol-free (not to be confused with fatty alcohols), which is perfect for cuperose skin. Also, the ingredients are basic and "wholesome". I tested the Powerserum, which is a light but quite moisturising, and don't contain any essential oils (great for very sensitive skins or persons who are allergic to essential oils).  It is meant to be a daily moisturiser. Update: am still loving it, it doesn't block my pores even in the least!
   The hydrocreme is a tad heavier, and vitamincreme is quite rich, and you are supposed to choose one for the drier parts of the face (or mix them together). I especially liked the Vitamincreme for the dry spots on my face, and for the eye area.
     For those of you in Germany, You can get a free Calu samples on their website. I also find their moistrurising spray interesting, don't you think?
BDIH-certified natural, cruelty-free.

Hercules Sägemann Comb

   I lost my cosmetic case with my pocket Bohn comb in it (along with a bunch of other favourite stuff). On the positive side, this was a chance to try out one of those seamless combs I saw in the Müller. They are made of Ebonite, which is a brand name for a kind of of hard rubber. The combs are seamless and don't snag the hair. The comb is similarly sized to the Hairsense Palmpic that I lost, but is a bit lighter and doesn't feel so buttery soft to the touch. I am guessing that it can be used on wet hair, unlike the Hairsense ones. It is gentle on the hair and I recommend looking at Hercules Sägemann combs if you want to swap your seamed plastic combs for something more hair-friendly -- they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Beauty Blender

   What you see here is part of an order from I didn't buy the real thing because I'm cheap and the original BB is not. However with most things being made in China anyway, it's possible that this one and the original come from the same factory. I can't compare it with the original beauty Blender, but I am pretty satisfied with it. The shape of the tip is perfect for blending places like around the inner corner of the eye and around the nose. It blends best when it's moist.

Facial Pore Cleanser

   So, this weird little thing is also from Buyincoins.  It is a little vacuum that works with a battery. It is not terribly effective, I have only managed to get a couple of pores clean when I used it after a shower, when the pores were already a bit open. I'm guessing it is not terribly good for my veins. I wouldn't re-buy it, but I paid so little for it ($3.01) that I can hardly regret trying it out.

   Is there a secret trick to the pore-sucker I am missing? Also, i was wondering whether anybody uses these golden oils that make the skin shimmer? I'd like to try one but don't want to look like Beyonce in the 00's.

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