Weekend Reads 23-03-2013

      Hi everyone, how have you been? I've done a third of my fast, and am a bit peeved how hard it is to control my hunger (or rather, the mental hunger). Physically I am doing well, but I had no idea I was so attached to food. Well, I hope that this fast will be like clicking the reset button on my body in terms of food cravings!
    Apart from the fast, I've been to a sauna and decided the Finnish kind is way to hardcore for me, especially if the sauna guy waves a towel around so that the hot air whips us! I prefer the steamy kind, they are so relaxing and you feel so amazingly clean afterwards. This weekend I am looking forward to a flea market in Munich with my friend and constructing an IQ lamp!

   On to the links:

* Style: How to wear a cap so that it doesn't flatten your hair. It's in Polish, but I think the pictures do the talking here.

* Smarts: A thoughtful review of Girl Model.

*Bras: Jalbe has blogged about her bra metamorphosis. What I find very interesting is that the cups in the old 34A seem to big while those in the 32C are just right (even though this is one size bigger) due to the snugger band.

* Bra shopping: Mimi Holliday is offering half price of the bottoms if you buy a bra from their spring collection (which, btw if so pretty!). (Offer valid only till Sunday 09:00 pm).

* Body: The surprising effects of stress on your body. Did you know that ragged cuticles is one of them?

* DIY: this homemade beauty butter looks so good and is a great natural alternative to using oils on the body.

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