Lingerie Fashion Week, Parfait Affinitas, Rouge Séduire, Cleavage Makeup

    A while back I was invited to attend the Lingerie Fashion Week in NY. Being on the wrong side of the Atlantic I couldn't attend (sob), but I received lovely photos from the event and backstage which I wanted to share with you.

   I pay attention only to brands which have a decent offer of sizes. In this show, Parfait Affinitas stood out a mile above it's competition with 30-40 D-G, and I've heard rumours that they might be increasing their size range even more (yay!).

Here are a couple of pretty sets that caught my eye:

Love the colourful straps here!

Another brand that caught my eye was Rouge Séduire because it carries the elusive sizes 30A-C. The aesthetic is very bedroom and some pieces are seriously sexy:

And because I totally love a sneak-peek backstage, here are a few images of the Parfait Affinitas models getting ready.

I have always suspected that models get foundation or concealer on every bit of skin that shows. Finally, here is the proof:

This models is getting cleavage make-up, kinda like Keira Knightley got for Pirates Of The Caribbean. If you'd like to try it, here is how: a bronzer or deeper shade of foundation goes into the cleavage valley and highlighter goes on the top parts of the breasts. If you own a contouring palette, even better!

War paint!

     I'd really love to attend a fashion show one day! I have heard that seeing photos or videos is not comparable with seeing it live, same like a theater performance. What do you think? Also, did any of the pieces from the photos catch your eye?

Check these out: