Non-cosmetic Favourites: Stuff I Love And Recommend

   There are a couple of amazing products that I wanted to share with you. They have nothing to do with cosmetics, but I just love them to pieces and would like to share them!

Fashion tape

   On Sally's recommendation I got it and I love it to pieces. It keeps bra and tank top straps from showing, low-cut tops from revealing my bra, belts from shifting. I have worn so many outfits that wouldn't be wearable without this little miracle! I got mine off Ebay, but I discovered it's also in the sewing supply section of Galeria Kaufhof.

Keep Cup

    I love to drink hot chocolate on the go, but feel so guilty about disposable cups. I have bought several non-disposable cups but one broke, another had a horrible plastic taste and the rim was too thick to comfortable drink from,  and a third didn't fit under the coffee machines. Then I discovered the Keep Cup. It is "barista standard" so it fits under all coffee machines, it is BPA-free. and is customisable! I had a lot of fun picking the colours. Now you can even add a logo on yours (I'm so jealous!). The cup doesn't have a taste, is light and unbreakable. I got the 227ml for 10,50€, even including the shipping costs to continental Europe it cost me the same as similar (but crappier) products in stores. Available at the KeepCup store.

High mAh batteries

   Typical rechargeable AA batteries ran annoyingly often out of juice. Once I ended up at the totally amazing Ulm cathedral with dead batteries. I went to a photography store and the guy recommended the Hähnel Synergy ones. I paid around 25€ for four, but boy, are they worth it! I'd say they last ten times longer than regular rechargeable batteries. From what I know this is due to their high mAh (mine are 2100 mAh). I'm never, ever going to use any other batteries for my camera. Another tip: if you do use rechargeable batteries, you should have an intelligent charger.

Purse Hook

    If you don't like putting your handbag on the floor (especially when you are on one of those high bar stools and the floor is like meters below), then you'll love this. This little thing lets you hang even very heavy handbags off the edges of tables. I see them in stores everywhere in Germany, but I have got mine "before it was cool" off Ebay. I highly recommend the ones that look like a little padlock when they are closed (with a loop), because you can attach them to the handle of your purse.

In-ear headphones

   Aaaah. You definitely need those. They shut out outside noise, and you don't have to turn up the volume when in a public space (not good for the ears!). I have the Creative EP-630 which is seriously good quality for less than 15€.

Washi tapes

   They pretty, they are versatile and they also come off really easily. I use them as labels, to colour-code stuff, to decorate stuff, to jazz up simply packed gifts... I'm totally addicted! My favourite is the kind that looks like white lace on a black background, I have decorated a lot of my electronics with it.

   What are the products that you totally love?

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