Readers Bra Metamorphosis 38DD to 38GG

     The Bra Metamorphosis is a series of posts that show photos of women before and after finding out their correct bra size. If you'd like to share your before and afters and inspire women to re-measure themselves, do contact me!

   Hello everyone, today's metamorphosis is a very interesting one. We know that the typical mistake when fitting bras is a too big band and a too small cup -- in this case the band "masks" the smallness of the cups. However, sometimes women wear correct bands and cups that are too small -- in this case several cup sizes. 


Note: All sizes are US.
     "I live in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. I've been professionally fitted once before, when I was pregnant about four years ago. After those two bras (I think they were a 36F?) wore out, and after I shed my nursing bras about a year later, I took the cheap way out and got the largest thing Target had, a 38DD. (This is the size in my before pictures). I went through several rounds of these cheap, easily worn-out, too small bras.
    After reading your site today, I did the bend-over-and-dangle measurement on myself. My ribcage measured 38". That was not a surprise. My "dangle" measured at 51" That is an increase of 13", or according to some sources, a M cup. There is NO way I was going to be an M cup. M!"
(Actually the inch = cup size method would make her an I cup, because you need to cound the double-letter cups as well! -- Eternal*Voyageur)

    "So I went and got fitted again tonight. A lovely young lady at Nordstrom measured my ribcage at 38. Again, no surprise there. She didn't measure the bust, but she just looked at me and then brought back a G and a GG. She had me swoop and scoop into the 38G. Just a bit of spillage, so I scooped and swooped into the 38GG. A perfect fit! That little spot between the wires in front sat firmly against my ribcage. This has always been the most problematic spot for me. It has ALWAYS pushed away from me, leaving my boobies to squish together. I have a permanent rash mark there from year after year of hot summers with them smooshed together, my skin unable to breathe. The dark spot in After#2 is not gaping or shadow, it is the rash mark left from years of bad bras. You can kind of see it in the Before#1, too. I tried on a few other styles in a 38GG, but a few of them still did the pushy-outy-center thingy, so those were a no go. She said my boobies are a little bit closer together than most that she has seen.
I bought two Elomi "full cup with side support" in a 38GG. They are perfect. Thank you so much!!"

"The dark spot is not gaping or shadow, it is the rash mark left from years of bad bras." 

And now a side-by-side:

   Such a big difference, don't you think? Any comments or questions for A? I'd love to see S. in a balcony cut or a half-cup, I think they would look great on her. The full-cups have a bit of empty space at the top because of the bottom-heavy shape of the breasts, so a slightly lower-cut style would be more flattering.
   I'd like to give a big thanks to A for sharing her metamorphosis with us. If you'd like to share yours, I'd love to have you! The "contact" button is on the top of the page, can't wait to hear from you!

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