Milk Thistle Supplement Increases Breast Size

   One of the side effects of the two weeks of fasting that I did was... my breasts grew. Just a little. Initially they started feeling tender, just like when they grew during pregnancy. Then, I noticed that they definitely got fuller. I was pretty puzzled because I had not been expecting this!
   I decided to research links to breast growth between the herbs and juices that I took during this time, and I found out that it is the milk thistle supplement that caused the growth.
  I suspect that the effect of the Milk Thistle was increased by the tea I drank, which contained fenugreek, fennel and anise, which raise oestrogen levels in the body and may stimulate breast growth.
   I took one tablet a day, and drank several cups of the tea for two weeks. I didn't gain a cup size, but bras that fit exactly in the cup got now a tad small, and I filled out cups where I had a bit of empty space. So I'd say I gained a half cup size. The breasts look fuller and rounder (they used to be more bottom-heavy); it was not a dramatic change and nobody else noticed it apart for me. I decided to take milk thistle for two more weeks, to see whether it is really it and not something else that was causing the boobs to grow. At the end of these additional two weeks my 28DDs didn't fit any more and I had to order some 28Es (that's right, review fodder).

  I took the Hepatos Mariendisteldragees from the brand Hevert, as they were recommended in the book I used for fasting. Specs for the curious: contain (26-45:1) 123,0-208,3 mg of dry milk thistle extract, which means 83,3 mg Silymarin (a standardised extract of the seeds). They are not the cheapest, but they don't have the side effect of nausea that many other brands can have on some people. Also recommended is the Legalon Mariendistel from Madaus. If these are not available where you live, you might want to ask the advice at your drugstore.
   Milk thistle is actually used to detox the liver. Contraindications include pregnancy, nursing or being younger than 12.

   Milk thistle is not the only herb that can boost breast growth. Many herbs can influence hormones and mimic puberty / pregnancy. As with all supplements, do your research first and use your head; especially if you have a medical condition or hormone imbalance. I'd like to add that the effects (whether at all and how much your breasts will grow) will depend on the current hormone cocktail in your body.
   So... anyone else have any experience with herbs and breast size? Or unexpected boob growth?

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