Bra Notes / Small Busted Reviews: Ewa Michalak, Only Her, Agio Milano, Masquerade, Cleo

   I always visit Brafitteria when in Krakow. It's a small store and doesn't carry a huge amount of bras, but the fitter is amazing -- knowledgeable, unobtrusive and totally sweet (you must go there if you ever are in Krakow!). I tested out several bras and wanted to share my notes with you.
(Note: I'm using catalogue photos):

Ewa Michalak: 

   A positive surprise was that all Ewa Michalak bras now had five columns of hooks. Which means the bands will last longer! All the Ewa Michalak bras I tried were size 65DD, which means the cups are standard but I sized up in the band.

I was very curious to try out the newer Ewa Michalak models. First up: the 3DM models which are soft (unpadded and unlined), cut in a plunge style. I tried the Bezyk (didn't like the very pale beige) and the Malinka (so pretty) They didn't work for me because the breasts were spilling out at the center gore. The fitter told me that less firm breasts usually needed unpadded cups with a higher center gore, though lined and padded styles can have a lower center gore. If your breasts are firmer, I would totally recommend the 3DM style.
  The cups of the 3DM are low-coverage in the center and go up high towards the straps (they went much higher up on me than on the model in the pictures), a cut which is very flattering for smaller breasts. The underwires are medium length though, they don' go up high. The cups don't give much lift but they do center the breasts, and make a nicely rounded shape.
  One weird point: both the 3DM bras that I tried had very stretchy shoulder straps. I forgot to ask why that was.

   Then I moved on to the padded bras, starting with the PL Amethyst. The PL (plunge) models are consistently great on me: rounded shape, lift, cleavage, comfort.

Next up: 3D Ptys.
   I was curious about how the 3DM model would fare against the true-and-tested PL. I didn't notice much of a difference between the PL and the 3DM, I think the 3DM gave me a teeny bit more cleavage, but otherwise it was very similar to the PL.. I think the difference is much more noticeable in bigger cup sizes. I was very tempted to buy either the Ptys or the Ametyst just for the fit, but the colours were not exactly my thing.

   Agio Milano is an Italian brand I have never heard of before. The bra I tried on was a gel push-up. I gave me the most round shape I have ever seen, and optically adds two cup sizes. Even though I loved the shape I didn't buy it because I'm happy with my size and feel weird about making it look bigger. However I'd totally recommend this bra to anyone looking for a push-up model that is breast-tissue-friendly.

   Masquerade Estepona was my next pick. It fit fine and works well for bottom-heavy breasts, but it just didn't give the "lift and center" effect I got from the Ewa Michalak bras. Maybe another Masquerade would do the magic?

   I tried on a Masquerade Orla. Unfortunately the fit issues were exactly the same as that of the Estepona. Although normally vertically-cut cups do wonders for me, the Orla didn't do anything special. The cups also looked heavy and high coverage in my size, and the center gore was a bit too high and wide.

   The positive surprise of the day was the small-busted brand Only Her. While I have written about them and their custom sizes, this was the first time I had the chance to try one on: The Amaretto. The fit is extremely flattering for small busts as the cups give a nice lift. The bra is lightly padded, though the padding is cut-out in an S-shape, They are also nicely low-cut, optically adding curves to the bra. The cups are medium-coverage and feature my beloved vertical seam, which further flatters a smaller bust. I'd say the underwires are of medium width, and the cups run a size small. The straps are spaced very wide apart, which could be an issue to narrow-shouldered women. The bra is very pretty with its cream colour and the burgundy. I was totally in love and would have bought it, however white was not the colour I was looking for. This bra should totally come in black!

 Last on: Panache Cleo Lucy, in two colours (white-orange and black). I was pretty disappointed with the fit. The diagonal seam slightly cut into the breasts, dividing them into two rolls.

   So what did I end up buying? I'll let you know soon! One of the bras is a well-loved favourite, the other is a dark horse from a brand I had never ever heard of. Stay tuned!

   Have you ever tried on any of these bras? Do you also feel that many of the Masquerades are anti-climatic when compared to Ewa Michalaks? Have you had any succes with Cleos?

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