Bucket Lists and Done-That List

   I have a very long bucket list. A certain elderly lady who is a family friend once said "I don't care for things. I just collect beautiful moments." I love that, isn't that beautiful?
    I'd say I collect memories. I love try things, especially unusual things. I'm not very adventurous, so I like choosing things that are just outside my comfort level. Doing them expands my comfort level a little bit, and over time I find myself doing things that would have terrified me a couple of years back.

   My bucket list is huge, and at least half of it is travelling (pyramids in Mexico and Egypt, Japan, see the polar lights, and so on). Some is beauty related: learn to do a smokey eye, find my perfect perfume, model (got an offered once but I chickened out). Many are physical skills: learn to do the Scorpion Asana, a handstand, the splits, learn Kayaking. Some are skills I'd like to have: do a first-aid course, touch-typing, lucid dreaming, knitting, Tango. Some are a bit weird: dress up as a man, go to a masquerade ball, try Absinthe.

    However sometimes I can get so caught up in dreaming on the future that I forget that I have done some awesome stuff already. Keeping a list of things I want to accomplish can be motivating, but it can also make me feel like I'm always behind on life.
   Thinking of my past experiences makes me feel content, and also braver -- I'm less likely to be afraid of future challenges when I think of how I pushed the boundaries of my comfort zone in the past and actually had fun. Interestingly, some of the most interesting experiences I have had were thing that were never on my bucket list.

On my done-that list are:
  • Rode a yak and an elephant, patted a llama and two alpacas.
  • Died my hair red (well, reddish).
  • Tried belly-dancing and Flamenco.
  • Was interviewed for TV*
  • Fire-hooped (sounds badass but is surprisingly easy and not at all dangerous)
  • Hiked to the base camp of a 8000mt mountain in Nepal.**
  • Took an overtone singing class.
  • Wore a cobra around my neck***.
  • Couchsurfed.

*(I admit I was too embarrassed to actually watch it, because I couldn't string together a coherent sentence. It was after a theatre play.)
**(Breathtakingly beautiful, but not as strenuous as it sounds).
***(it was de-fanged, so again it's not as badass as it sounds).

  Now the thing is that I'm at the same time uncomfortable with trying new things, yet I love it. Take that overtone singing class: I was extremely nervous and almost didn't go into the building, yet I mustered up the courage and it was seriously fun. Every time I get uncomfortable and nervous about things that I actually want to do and that I know are mostly harmless, I think of my done-that list.

  Oh and that photo on the top is from Auroville, the communities there have lovely names. It's so much fun to say "I'm staying at Adventure" or "I'm going to Inspiration".

   Do you have a bucket list or a done-that list? What are your five favourite items on those lists?

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