Different Methods Of Oiling Hair: Dry, Wet, With Conditioner

   If you'd ask me what is the best single way to improve the condition of your hair, I'd say deep-conditioning with oil. However the classic method of oiling dry hair and then shampooing it off doesn't work perfectly for everyone. To get optimum results you'll have to experiment around not only with different oils, but with the oiling methods. That's right, there are several different ways of oiling the hair. I'd like to tell you about some that I know, and do

Basic dry method: 

  Rub a dollop of oil between your hands and apply on hair, concentrating on the length and ends. Don't overdo it, your hair shouldn't be dripping with oil! Shampoo off after at least 30 mins.

Wet method 

  A lot of people for whom the dry method didn't work at all have had success with the wet method. I'd love to know the science bhind this! There are several way of wet-oiling the hair:
  • Wet the hair lightly (use a spray bottle), then apply oil like in the dry method. 
  • Mix oil and water in a spray bottle, shake really well to mix (you can also use an emulgator), then spray on hair. 
  • Mix oil and water in a bowl (use a cream beater) and dip hair in it. Fill your bathtub with water and add a cup of oil (add an emulgator for best results). Get into the bathtub and wet your hair too. 
  • Mix a little bit of oil and water in a bowl. Massage into scalp, then gently brush towards the ends (great for dry scalps or when you want to use an oil that stimulates hair growth). 

Conditioner method 

  Oil and conditioner often work really well together. The conditioner also helps to emulgate the oil and make it easier to wash off. Again there are several ways to apply oil with conditioner:
  • Apply oil on wet or dry hair. After 15 mins or more apply conditioner or a masque, wetting the hair a bit if necessary. Wait another 15 mins before shampooing. 
  • Mix oil and conditioner in a bowl with a whisk and apply on hair. 

 As you see there are many variations, and I am sure many of you will think of new ones. I suggest paying around to find out what gives you the best results.

Do you oil your hair? What is your favourite method?And which oils work best for you?

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