My Best Dining Out Tip: How To Order Delicious Food Almost Every Time

  I was going to title this post "my best eating out tip" till I realised that "eating out" has a double connotation. Now get your mind out of the gutter and into restaurants.
   So, I picked up this tip form a friend of mine and it has never failed me: when ordering, as the waiters what they recommend. Now, this tip is brilliant because the waiters have full access to the kitchens and they know which dishes have turned out well today and which not, which ones will take longer because some ingredients are missing or something, and which dishes are the restaurant's speciality. They will usually point you to dishes that are good, fresh and get prepared reasonably fast.
   Obviously you are allowed to narrow down the selection : "could you recommend something: vegetarian / sweet / filling / unusual" -- are just some of the requests I have made. Only once did the waitress seem at loss at what to suggest and gave me a "everything is good here".

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