My Favourite Beauty Blogs + What Are Yours?

   I love blogs. I read lots of them on all kinds of topics, and today I wanted to show you my favourite ones that are about beauty. They are is several different languages, and it's worth running them through google Translate

  Here are my favourites:

In English:

The beauty department
A man's guide to skin care seriously good stuff, pity it's not being updated anymore.
Long Hair Care Polish hair care, in English, with interesting stuff about hair care.
Into The Gloss There is some interesting and inspiring stuff underneath all the celeb worship and overpriced products.

In German:

Beautyjagd: a great blog about natural cosmetics, although most products that featured are to prices for me.
Alabaster Maedchen: a nice mix of natural cosmetics, fashion, lifestyle and more
Cu kinda envy her minimal aesthetic
Innen Und Aussen a very approachable blog about cosmetics.
Alabaster Maedchen A recent discovers, she loves natural cosmetics.

In Polish:

Alina Rose is the best-written beauty blog I have read, full of practical tips.
Anwen is my hair-care guru.
Wiedzmi Kociolek is heavily focused on DIY cosmetics.
Ekocentryczka more than makeup, focuses on the ecological and the organic.
UrodaIWlosy is a new discovery, lot of how-tos and reviews.
Alchemiczno-Kosmetycznie lots of DIY and unusual skin-care tips
Blond Hair Care I'm not blond, but I can't stop reading this.
Azjatycku Cukier lots of very interesting articles about the east-asian approach to skin care.

   I must say that it is the Polish beauty blogs that I read on a regular basis. They are way more critical, and experimental than most German or English language beauty blogs that I know.

   I'm looking for fresh good beauty blogs, so be sure to share your favourite ones with me!

Check these out: