More Of My Best Mascara Tips


   My eyes are my favourite feature. I enjoy highlighting my best feature, and have come to love mascara. I have already shared some great mascara tips. Here are even more of my best mascara tips and tricks:

* Eye-shadow often leaves a dusty weird- coloured layer on the top lashes. Brush it out with a clean mascara brush before applying mascara.

* Line the eyes with a light-coloured eye-liner, to give a bright background for the mascara. This frames the lashes beautifully and makes them pop, and makes you look more awake. Beige works well for most skin tones, however if your skin tone is cool you can try white as well. If you cannot find a beige eye-liner or kajal, a lip liner or highlighter pencil works just as well. You can also use a concealer lighter than your skin tone or eye-shadow.

* When applying two coats of mascara, try brushing to the left with the first coat, and towards the right the second time. This way you coat the sides as well as the bottoms of the lashes.

* For extra thickness, concentrate on the roots. After applying one coat to the full length of the lashes, apply the second coat of mascara just at the roots: hold the wand at the roots and wiggle the brush around. Stay close to the roots and resist the temptation to go till the ends. Do another coat or two just on the roots.

* This roots-only technique works pretty well for bottom lashes.

* For extra length first apply mascara normally, then apply a touch more just on the ends from above. This will make them look a couple of millimetres longer.

* Coloured mascara can make your eye colour pop. Choose a colour that brings out your eye colour (green, blue or purple for brown eyes, violet or green for green eyes, brown or blue for blue and grey eyes. If you have purple eyes, you probably use dragon-fire soot for mascara.) Apply the coloured mascara just on the tips. Or first coat your lashes with the coloured mascara then add one layer of your usual black or brown.

* Pay attention to the smallest lashes on the corners of the eyes. We often skip them, but they make quite a difference to the finished look. Hold the wand vertically and apply mascara on the lashes on the inner corner and the ones on the outer corner. If necessary, first remove excess mascara from the wand with a tissue.

* If mascara gets on your skin, wait till it dries. Wet mascara smudges when you try to remove it. Dab the mascara stain with a q-tip dipped in make-up remover or a micellar solution. You can also use water, but in my experience using a cleansing product means you need to rub less.

* You are absolutely allowed to layer different mascaras! For example using a mascara that separates and then a voluminising one ensures that lashes don't clump together. Have fun experimenting around with combining your favourite products.

* The best thing to remove mascara is oil. It also conditions the lashes.

    What is your best eye make-up tips?

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