Mascara Tips: How To Make Your Lashes Look Their Best

      Here are some mascara tips and tricks for you:

* There is no one perfect mascara, because each person's lashes are different.

* Testers in the stores are often dried out and will not give you a true idea of what the mascara works like. So it´s a good idea to try a friend´s mascara and read online reviews.

* When it comes to mascaras, the more expensive ones are not necessarily better than the cheap ones.

* Your perfect mascara is one where both the formula and the wand are compatible with your lash type.

* If you love a certain mascara, save the brush when you've used it up, to try out with other mascara brands. 

* If someone recommends you mascara, take a closer look at their lashes. The best advice will come from someone with lashes similar to yours.

* What are your lashes like? Do you need more length, thickness or curl? (All? Now now, don´t be greedy). It's best to focus on just one thing.

* Try using different mascaras for your upper and lower lashes. You might want lengthening / thickening mascara for your upper lashes, but a ´natural look´ mascara looks best for most lower lashes.

* Comb your lashes with a lash comb or a clean mascara brush before you apply mascara. It makes a difference!

* Mascaras with a comb slightly glue the lashes together, so they doen´t work for sparser lashes. The same goes for big wands with bristles that are spaced apart. Hard spokes separate the lashes better than soft ones. Here is a nice guide to different mascara wands and what they do.

* Slight clumps are best combed out with a clean mascara brush.

* The "insect leg effect", where the mascara leaves clumps on the lashes, is extremely unaesthetic. Please don´t leave the house looking like that, it reminds me of... insect legs. Google "flylashes" if you really want to gross yourself out.

* Here is how to cleanse mascara without tugging the delicate skin around the eyes.

    At the moment I am using and liking Alverde Schwung + Präzision mascara, which I just now discovered comes also in blue (gotta try!). I want to try out Lavera mascaras after this one. Dr Hauschka's mascaras made my eyes itch. I'm using the volume one from Dr Hauschka and love it
    I have naturally full and long lashes, so I look for mascaras that give a natural effect and which have natural ingredients since I don't want to mess with my lashes. Sometimes I just use a transparent mascara, mainly to get rid of the mineral foundation and eyeshadow that has settled on my lashes.

   On a related note: be careful with eyelash extensions. My neighbour had them done and loved her new lashes for half a year... till her real eyelashes started falling off. She was devastated and it took quite a bit of time and care to make them grow back. When I looked this up on the internet I saw this wasn't a rare case. I haven't researched what exactly makes the lashes fall off (the glue? the weight of the extra lashes?), but do inform yourself if you are thinking of getting eyelash extensions.

   Now over to you: do share your mascara tips! Also, any good or bad experiences with eyelash extensions?

Image via bailey.foster

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