Winter Makeup And Skin Care + My Winter Beauty Regiment

   Our skin reacts to the changing temperatures, and you might notice that your skin behaves differently in the cold season than it does in the warm. It usually gets drier, and the cold may make fragile capillaries break. This all depends on the temperatures in your area, the humidity in your living and work spaces, diet, exercise.
   I wanted to describe the changes that I make to my beauty routine, hopefully they will inspire you to tweak our own skin care and makeup routine.

  A tip: It's a good idea to buy a hygrometer and check the humidity of your home and workplace. 50% is good, if it's much lower you could try a humidifier, much higher means that you should be airing your home thoroughly twice a day.

  How my makeup routine changes in the winter:

  Since the skin is dryer, many women find that creamier, richer foundations work better in the winter. I still stick to mineral foundation but always wear a moisturiser underneath (I wait for a few minutes for it to sink in before I apply foundation).

  As I have been using AHAs recently, my morning moisturiser is often replaced by sunscreen. John Masters Organics sunscreen is really easy to use in the winter: just a light dusting of powder on top mattifies the sunscreen, and the sunscreen gives a slight pearly glow under my makeup, an effect which I like quite a lot. Strictly saying the amount of sun Germany gets in the winter plus the fact that I spend so little time outdoors during daylight means I'd normally not really have to wear sunscreen during the cold season (if I weren't using hydroxy acids). However if you live in a sunnier place, you would do good to wear sunscreen regularly just like in the summer.

  Another thing I to do to avoid dryness when wearing minerals is use a moisturising toner instead of water to make my makeup look less powdery. I use this one, but any toner will do that is alcohol-free and has moisturising ingredients like aloe vera, hyaluronan, or oils (look for one meant for dry skin, or add hyaluronan to a toner you already have). I am gentle when it comes to cleansing, using a micellar solution for just the T-zone in the morning and to remove my makeup at night. If my skin is extra dry, a drop of Argan oil over my moisturiser helps a lot.

  My diet makes a huge difference in the state of my skin in the winter. I used to have chapped lips and cracked heels all of the time, now I never get either since I improved my eating habits, even though I'm not doing anything special to protect them. I think the main factor is drinking enough water (my daughter gets chapped lips when she brings home an almost full water-bottle), but I think that what keeps my skin supple is eating more raw vegetables and fruits as well as healthy oils (often in the for of nuts plus seeds -- you need to be eating a handful of these every day).

My skin care routine at the moment:

Cleansing: Cattier Perle D'Eau Solution Micellaire Démaquillante
Cattier Perle D'Eau Solution Micellaire Démaquillante - See more at:
Cattier Perle D'Eau Solution Micellaire Démaquillante - See more at:
Toning and moisturising: Dr Beta's Rose Toner
Sunscreen: John Masters Organics Natural Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30
Hide-A-Pore as mattifying powder
Foundation: Lumiere Caschmere base in light medium warm

Cleansing and makeup removal: Cattier Perle D'Eau Solution Micellaire Démaquillante, jojoba oil (eye area)
Cattier Perle D'Eau Solution Micellaire Démaquillante - See more at:
Moisturising: Maria Gerbhardt Young and Active Face Lotion
Toning: DIY malic acid toner
Around eyes, lips: Weleda Skin Food

Once in a while:
Cleansing masks with white and red clays
AHA peel with malic acid
Lavera Sun Sensitive Self Tanning lotion

Dry brushing, any body butter from Alverde, Lavera Sun Sensitive Self Tanning lotion

How does your skin-care routine change in the winter?
photo credit: Roberto Condado via photopin cc

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