Why You Should Switch Up Your Natural Deodorants

Why you should switch up your natural deodorants 

   One important observation I have made is that natural deodorants sometimes stop working after some years. I am guessing that this is because the bacteria got resistant against them? (Anyone? Biology students?)

   However a break from a product for a couple of weeks is enough to get them to work again. Another good idea is to switch up products. Waldfussel deos are my choice for the winter, as I'm not wearing sleeveless clothes so the white cast doesn't matter. In the summer I use my trusty crystal deos, which are transparent and unscented. So far this has been working perfectly.

   This might sound like too much hassle, but it isn't: my cold season deodorant runs out by the time summer arrives, and has to be replaced anyway. 

   Of course a healthy diet with few processed foods also helps to keep the body to smell good, all over. If your body odour is strong, you should take a long, hard look at your eating habits.

   Have deodorants ever stopped working for you? Also, this is the last post about deodorants that I'll be doing in a while, I am planning a post about care of the underarm area. Do you have any questions ? Do let me know in the comments and I'll address them in my post.
photo credit: Gabriela Camerotti via photopin cc

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