Book Review: How To Find A Bra That Fits + Free Copy For You!

   Have you ever tried to talk about bra-fitting to a woman who embarrassed to talk about the topic; you want to send her some links she is not the type to dig through forums and blogs. I know I have, and I wished there was a book about bra-fitting that I could gift such a person. A book that explains all the basics of bra fitting and empower her to find her perfect bra size. I was thrilled to find that such a book exists!

   How To Find A Bra That Fits is a book about bra fitting, written by Liz Kuba. I was thrilled to receive a copy, and want to tell you about it.

All the bases are covered!

  So, I have nothing but praise for this little book, and I think that Liz did an amazing job on it. It's pretty thin and won't scare off someone who has been gifted this book. Yet it manages to cover all the essential topics, it's written in a concise way and there is no fluff or filler. I have a problem with being wordy, so I am really full of admiration for Liz Kuba! Not only does she cover all the essentials like bra anatomy, sister sizing and measuring oneself, but she also explains swoop-and-scooping, breast depth and placement, troubleshoots common fit issues and busts the "underwires cause cancer" myth.
  I liked that the book includes online resources as well as places where to buy bras, the glossary is very useful too!

  The advice in How To Find A Bra That Fits is a solid and simple bra fitting guide that you can read through in one sitting, then take with you when you shop for bras, and then you want to lend it to every one of your female friends.

Quadboob, explained and illustrated

   My only criticism would be about the cover -- it looks very retro so if I had seen this in a bookshop I would have skipped over it, expecting it to be an old publication that might not be up-to-date.

  So I strongly encourage you to buy How To Find A Bra That Fits for the women in your life -- you mom or grandma, sister or niece, and your female buddies. Heck, I could even imagine slipping it into the gym locker of someone who really needs it.
   You can check out the places where you can buy a physical copy or an ebook at And pssst, this month the book is available for free on Smashwords throughout the month of April!!

Disclosure: a sample copy was provided for this review. All opinions are 100% mine.

  PS I felt something akin to maternal pride when reading this book. When I started this blog and there was hardly any correct bra fitting info out there in English. Now there are tons of blogs, forums, and now there is this amazing little book! An actual book! And I even spotted some expressions that I kind of coined, like the bra matrix, in there. Sniff.

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