How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

   Hair growth was something I have never had problems with. Until the time I followed some really bad advice and applied very hot henna on my scalp. I only realised my stupidity when my hair started coming out in handfuls a few days later. I spent the next weeks researching ways to speed up hair growth, and trying them out. It took a while, and now my hair is back to its full thickness. I know that many of you struggle with hair loss or hair that grows too slow so I wanted to share some tried-and-tested methods with you.

Causes of hair loss

   Hair loss can be caused by stress upon the body such as sickness, pharmaceuticals, ageing, hormonal problems, pregnancy and giving birth -- these factors are often not entirely under our control but it still makes sense to take a bit of extra care of the hair and scalp and try to reverse the hair loss. Other causes for losing hair are things that we can try to manage, like a bad diet (both unhealthy eating as well as drastic weight-loss diets), psychological stress or aggressive hair treatments. In these cases you need to address these causes (for example by finding methods to channel the stress) as well as using the cosmetic methods that I describe in this post.

   So, here are some tricks to stimulate hair growth. Patience and consistency is the key, and if you stick to it you will start seeing results.

Scalp treatments 

   These are products that you massage into the scalp, either after washing the hair, or an hour before (if they smell weird or have a heavy consistency). One of the most effective hair-growth method is a Fenugreek scalp treatment. To make it pour boiling water over Fenugreek seeds, let steep for 10 minutes, then let the mixture cool down. Rub in into the scalp and leave on for at least an hour. Another really effective herb for this is nettles, Birch water (Rossmann) works well too but contains alcohol and can be drying for some people.

Scalp massage 

 Stimulate the blood circulation in the scalp by gently massaging it. Use your fingertips, press, and move the skin of the scalp. 1-2 minutes twice a day would be ideal, you can do it while watching TV, or waiting for your coffee to boil.

Diet fixes 

   If your diet is full of processed food, there simply isn't enough of the good stuff left over for your hair (which from the point of view of the body is a non vital organ and is at the end of the queue). Add more vegetables and fruits into your diet. A handful of nuts and seeds everyday is something you absolutely should be eating each day, as they contain several nutrients that your veggies and fruit might be missing. A brewers yeast supplement for the B vitamins can also be really good, as well as flax seeds for the Omegas. Sea weed is also good for hair growth, so if you need an excuse to eat sushi, there you go.

Stimulating the circulation

    Positions where the head is at the level of or lower than the heart increase the blood flow in the scalp. A comfortable position for this is the Viparita Karani. It's also good for the skin, it's a restorative pose which will help you when you are feeling stressed or tired. And yes, you can totally read a book while you're laying like that.


   Rosemary oil and stinging nettle oil both stimulate hair growth when applied on the scalp, but you need to dilute them with another oil first. You can also harvest these plants first and submerge in oil for a week or two to make an infusion (the oils that would work well are extra virgin olive oil,  sunflower, flax seed or grape-seed).

Indian Herbs

  Amla, Brahmi and Bhringraj are the trio most used to stimulate hair growth and improve the condition of the hair. They are available as oil, tonics or powders. Khadi carries a nice pure Amla hair oil.

What to avoid:

    Shampoos with sulfates, harsh hair dyes, drying your heat with the dryer at the hottest setting, Overheating or freezing the scalp (protect your head with hats or caps)

    With all of these methods you have to give them at least 4-6 weeks to work. With a bit of consistency you should soon be rewarded with a crop of "baby hair".

   Do you have any tips for stimulating hair growth? Do share. Also, I'd love to know if it was a certain diet and lifestyle changes caused your hair loss (or, helped with hair growth).

Photo credit: me

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