Weekend Reads 18-04-2014

Spring feels

   Hello everyone, it's officially spring when the forsythia bushes bloom. I love the beginning of the warm season, and have a couple of rituals: I buy a hyacinth flower for the home, then comes the first ice-cream of the year, right before the first time it's warm enough to go out with bare legs. Even the household tasks are more fun  in the spring -- laundering all my woollens, my heavy winter coats and thermals and switching them for spring clothes. Laundering all the curtains and pillow covers and rugs and hanging them up in the sun. Repotting indoor plants and sprucing up the garden. But the best part of course are the walks with the family, picnics with friends, biking everywhere, hooping on the grass in warm afternoons. What is your favourite part of the spring? Do you have some special spring rituals?

* If you ever need "eye bleach" after watching something depressing on the net, try this little game.

* I have been using Google translate to brows through La Clee Privee, I love how this blog illustrates trends with examples of very pretty and very wearable outfits. It gives me plenty of inspiration on how to style pieces I own (which I collect here).

* Film of the week: Only Lovers Left Alive left me stunned, wanting to re-watch it right away. It's a very atmospheric vampire film with the amazing Tilda Swinton, haunting music and a sensually languid pace. This was the only trailer I found that doesn't reveal the whole plot, but I suggest you don't watch it and just enjoy the little surprises in the film. I really hate the trend of revealing most of the plotline in the movie trailers.

* Want to make the world a better place but don´t know where to start? Pick a quest!

* This is what your upstairs neighbours are really up to.

* Have I mentioned that Dress Like A Parisian is my go-to blog when it comes to creating outfits?

Favourite Video:
 This video is just magical (wait for it). Also, Marion Cotillard has sung the song herself.

Photo credit: Eternalvoyageur

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