Nifty Manicure Tool: Rossman Ideenwelt Manicure-Pedicure-Set Review

    More than a year ago I bought this little gadget from Rossmann and it has served me well. If you have nails that need more than just a nail file and a cuticle stick, you will find that a pedicure gadget like this one is very helpful. While my fingernails are relatively unproblematic with perfectly-behaved cuticles, my toenails are complicated: layers and layers of cuticle, uneven nail surface, hard and snagged skin around the nail and weird hard edges below the toes. So I decided to try out an electric pedicure tool.
    The one from Rossmann is a mini-sized one, and not as powerful as a professional tool. It is also much cheaper, it cost me around 5€.

   The machine is not very powerful, which also means that you can't harm yourself even if you are a total newbie at pedicures. But if you do your nails regularly and are looking for a powerful tool, you'll be disappointed.
   You get seven attachments, a nail clipper and a cuticle stick. The attachments are pretty intuitive to use, don't worry too much what is meant for what. I didn't get much use out of the flatter plate-shaped ones, which are supposed to be for shortening acrylic nails (and not filing the heels). The rest of them are pretty nifty though. I really like the brush, it is great as the last step to get rid of any remaining dust and skin flakes.

  Filing your nails with this manicure machine is as easy as with a glass file, but additionally you can easily reach the sides of the nails. It makes removing the cuticles in my toes a breeze, even in areas where they are thick and attached to the nail. I also use the attachments to file down the skin on the sides of the nail which is weirdly thick. This works much better than cutting it off.
   The machine has a little lamp which lights up the area you are working on.

   Unfortunately, while looking through reviews I found several that said that the product didn't work at all -- assuming this isn't a case of the user doing something wrong, I assume that they chanced upon a faulty piece. In this case hang on to your receipt and exchange the gadget. Mine works without problems.

   Bottom line: if you are a nail novice, you should definitely get this little gadget! More experienced users might want to look for something more powerful. As I just do a very basic manicure once in a while, this little electric tool is perfect for my needs, plus it is really affordable.

   Have you ever used an electric manicure set? What do you recommend? Or do you prefer do do it the regular way? Let me know!

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