Sunshine Body Oil : DIY Recipe For A Tinted Body Oil With SPF

Sunshine Body Oil : DIY Recipe For A Tinted Body Oil With SPF

   I massage in this body oil before a warm shower several times a week, and it keeps my skin smooth and moisturised. I have used body oils since years, but this mix is my favourite because of the carrot oil and berry seed oil.

You need:
Raspberry seed oil
Carrot oil
Carrier oil(s) of your choice
Essential oil of your choice
    I basically eye-balled the proportions. The carrier oil is the base and you'll want to use a lot of it. Then, add as much raspberry seed oil as you can afford. You need to experiment a bit with the carrot see oil to see how much of it makes your skin golden but not orange -- this will depend on your own skin tone. Then add a couple of drops of essential oil, shake, and you're done!
   If you have some sparkly mineral make-up lying around, like a highlighter that is too much for your face, you could add it to the oil to transform this into a shimmer body oil. Do experiment on a small quantity first, as every mineral highlighter has a different formula and might interact differently with oil.

   Raspberry seed oil provides sun protection as high as that of Titanium Dioxide, so it's perfect for adding into everything in the summer. It is rather pricey, otherwise I'd have used much more of it and skipped the carrier oils. Obviously when it's diluted it doesn't provide that much sun protection and you need to use a sunscreen on top, but hey, every bit of extra SPF helps.
   The carrot oil was something I bought on the recommendation of a blogger, and when it arrived I realised that it's bright orange so I can't apply it solo. When thinned with other oils it gives a nice warm tint to the skin, and it also provides some sun protection.Alternatively you could also use red palm oil.
  For carrier oil I used sesame oil which is grounding for Vata types (knowing my Ayurvedic dosha is helping me very much to balance my skin and my life). Since it is heavy and sticky I mixed it with the light jojoba oil, threw in some grape seed oil which I want to use up and a bit of wheat-germ oil which provides quite a bit of sun protection. You could also use sunflower oil, almond oil, avocado oil, coconut oil or even a ready-made plant oil mix like Babydream from Rossman or Alverde from DM. Also: a single carrier oil is fine, you don't have to mix several like I did.
  Essential oils are nice if you want your oil mix to smell good. I added a bit of rose, patchouli and sandalwood, which are my favourite scents at the moment. Avoid anything from the citrus family since it will make your skin sensitive to sunlight.

   So there you go, and quick and easy body oil, perfect for the summer! I found the cute bottle at a flea market, but you could also use a squeeze bottle from a shampoo (not so pretty but very practical) or even a condiment bottle. Keep the oil mix away from strong light.
  This oil mix paired with exfoliation (dry brushing or Kessa glove) and the Lavera tanning lotion is my go-to body routine for the summer.

   What is your summer go-to body routine? Let me know in the comments.

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