Found: Great Tweezers For Next To Nothing

   If you tweeze your own brows or upper lips, you know how hard it is to find really good tweezers that grab even the shortest hair the first time around. I can't understand why so many brands make tweezers with thick edges that don't really fit smoothly together. Of course there are some good ones around: the famous Tweezermann and the less pricey Mörser that I use (I get them at the Reformhaus). However they are all rather pricey, especially if you keep on loosing them like I do.
    The last time I couldn't find my Mörser tweezers, I grabbed the ones in my Swiss army Victorinox penknife. I had always thought they looked primitive, but I was desperate. To my surprise, they are actually really good! It is really easy to grap even small hairs, and the grip is tight. And best of all, they are ridiculously cheap! The small one that fits into my penknife cost me 0,50€ (I lost the first one so I had to replace it). It is tiny though, so you might prefer to get the larger size. They are slightly less comfortable to use than regular tweezers because they are so thin and light, but you can't beat them at price vs quality

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