Chasing The Autumn

Autumn sunset

    Autumn's beauty is ephemeral. The colours have reached their peak and are starting to fade. One windy day is all that takes for a fiery red tree to turn stark naked. It gives me that slightly melancholy feeling that you get when you notice how fast time is rushing around you. And a slight guilt about not taking the time to just stand still and live it.

   I had a free afternoon and after making a little list of things I could do I decided to chase the peak autumn before it's gone. With my camera. In the botanical garden.

autumn reflections


   My camera is what taught me to pay attention to small things. The light, textures, little details.
   It always surprises me how low the sun stays at this time of the year. If you use a low aperture (high f-stop number), it will look like a star on the photo.

 White and light



   This time I chose my small camera which is lighter than the DSLR, I also packed my crocheting and books. I'm always afraid of getting stuck somewhere with nothing to read.
    I didn't read or crotchet, there was just too much to take in. Nature's last blazing finale before it fades to winter.

Dying beauty

Red and black

  Till two years ago I really didn't like the autumn. At best I saw it as a stretched-out goodbye to summer (my favourite season, it's when I thrive) and I wasn't excited about the impending winter. Then, a friend made little speech in a theatre class about his love for the autumn. That must have touched something in me, because I started seeing the fall in a kinder light. And this fall is exceptionally beautiful and sunny, inviting me to discover its beauty.

Autumn silhouettes


   I came home happy and tanked with sunshine and energy. I am making this an annual thing: chasing peak autumn. With a camera. Somewhere.

 Autumn ripples

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