Review: Underbust Body Shapewear Slip from PPZ

PPZ underbust body shaper slip review

    Shape wear not only makes the figure look streamlined and firm, but also helps clothes to fit better and skim the body instead of gluing themselves to every bump and roll. No wonder most celebs rely on them heavily for public appearance, from Beyonce to Kim Kardashian.

   Shape wear is a very individual thing, what will work for you depends very much on your figure type and the parts that you want to target. For me a bra-less control slip is an extremely versatile piece because it can even be combined with other shape-wear pieces if necessary.  Over the years I have tried out quite a few of such slips, and today I want to write about one that I own and like very much: the Slimming Underbust Body Shapewear Slip Seamless Micro Fiber from PPZ.

Advantages of a bra-less control slip:

   A control slip like this one is meant to smooth things from armpits to thighs. The underbust slip style has a couple of advantages over other full-body pieces, the most important one is that it allows you to wear the bra of your choice. This is really important for me because not only I can wear bras that are supportive and comfortable, I can also choose ones that work with deep necklines.
With this slip you can wear your choice of bottoms, whether strings or high-waisted boy shorts, it's up to you. Using the bathroom is also pretty unproblematic. However this style does not work with pants or hosiery. Another big plus is that it will fit a torso that is shorter or longer than the statistical average.

The effect:

The underbust body shapewear slip pulled things in and firms everything, but to a moderate degree. It feels comfortable and allows freedom of movement. It does not dig in anywhere, and most importantly it does not create lumps where it ends. It is perfect for smoothing out any rolls below the bra band and the hip area.

This shape-wear slip smooths and the belly area and creates a clean line, but do not expect it to completely flatten it and create a waist. If you do need strong belly-control, you could wear that underneath and use the slip to smooth out any bulges above or below. I have a pair of older high-waisted panties that came with the La Senza Sugar Ruffle, they have boning and can be worn underneath -- the slip smooths any bulges above.
I personally feel that the fact that it is seamless makes the PPZ underbust slip more comfortable. The ones with control panels usually fight with my hips and butt.

The underbust-panels of the PPZ slip are very stretchy and work with smaller as well as larger busts (I cannot say for sure how they would work with the biggest cup sizes, I'm talking J+). The encircle the breasts from the sides, and smooth the area. I feel they add a nice subtle lift.

I am 167cm tall and this slip hits me well above the knees. If you are petite, you might find this slip goes down to your knees. The bottom of the underbust bodyshaper slip is lined with silicone to prevent it from riding up. I'd say that the grip is pretty decent, and as long as I stand or sit properly in chair it stays put. Obviously if I try to sit cross-legged it will ride up.

The front part of the slip has two layers, both have silicone at the bottom.


Cut and material

The PPZ shapewear slip made a good impression on me, it is well-made and the material is sturdy. Even the strap buckles are made of metal, which means they will last longer. The straps are slim, they lie flat and do not create bulges. I love that the straps are movable, you can wear them regular or crossed at the back (prevents slipping). The strap length is adjustable all the way.

The armpits are cut comparatively low. This made me happy because in the past I had tried on similar slips which threatened to cut off my arms and were visible under sleeveless clothes. If I were looking for something that specifically smooths the underarm area I could wear my Braologie bra or vest underneath.

The front of the slip has two layers. The slip has no embellishments and is almost completely seamless, it is invisible under close-fitting clothing. The colour is a cooler beige, is invisible under white clothes (if you are Caucasian). I'd say that the colour on the website is pretty accurate, my camera makes it look warmer than it is.

The material is  27% lycra, 73% nylon.

I wear a European 36 on top and 38 on the lower body, and I went for an S. The fit is perfect. There is a sizing table on the website. I strongly advise not to size down -- it will feel uncomfortable and will just create weird lumps.

While I did not find anything to criticise in this control slip, I want to note that (as in all shape wear) your mileage may vary. Everyone has different proportions and different lumps and bumps. Also, remember that it is not a full-control piece and it will not create a corset-like effect. It will not make you a size smaller. For that you would need high-control shape wear with actual metal boning. I have tried on a lot of things and come to the conclusion that without boning most midsection-control pieces either roll down or are extremely tight. Lastly, like all shape-wear, it is hard to wear in higher temperatures.

Bottom line:

If you are looking for a slip that smooths and firms your figure yet is light and comfortable, I'd definitely recommend the underbust body shapewear slip from PZ. I am very happy with the effect it gives, and love that it's comfortable enough to wear often. It also looks elegant and simple and not shapewear-y, so you could wear it on a sexy date without being embarrassed if your clothes ended up coming off.

What do you think about shapewear? Is it something you wear or do you find it uncomfortable? What kind of styles work for you best?

Disclosure: The piece reviewed here has been kindly provided to me by PPZ, the opinions in this post are 100% mine. As always.

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