The New Amazing Way To Apply Mineral Foundation -- With A Blending Sponge!

I just found the absolutely best way to apply mineral foundation -- it makes my skin look flawless, and it's almost impossible to tell that I have makeup on. It's way faster and better than my kabuki and my flat top brushes.

So what do I use now to apply powder foundation? With a makeup blending sponge! I mean the ones like the Beauty Blender. I lightly wet the egg (I spritz it with rose water), tip a small amount of mineral make-up on a saucer, dab the egg in the foundation and then press it into the skin. Don't rub, but dab or stipple.
I'm in love with the results. The foundation goes on very evenly with no hard edges. The pores are beautifully smoothed out because the product gets pressed onto the skin. The sponge also uses much less product than the brushes. The skin doesn't look powdery and there are no streaks. In the winter brushes often make dry skin look flaky because the bristles lift the skin flakes; the makeup sponge doesn't disturb the flakes.
It really helps if the egg has edges with which you can maneuver around the corners of the nose and the eye area. Because the sponge is already wet, I don't need to do the final spiritz anymore.

If the wet method doesn't work for you for some reason, some people swear by applying mineral foundation with a dry sponge. Also, not all mineral foundations are equal, some may be more compatible with a blending sponge than others.

All makeup sponges like products are not created equal. I started out with dupes from DM and Müller and was pretty disappointed. The material is inferior and either swallows up the product or doesn't deposit it evenly. Then one day I found that someone had bitten off the top -- not sure if the kids or the cat is to blame, anyway I had the opportunity to get a better one. Now I have the Real Techniques Miracle Sponge and am very happy with it -- it works really well and I read that it lasts much longer than the Beauty Blender. Plus it's cheaper, and right now it's available at the DM stores. One very affordable dupe that is supposed to be almost as good as the original is the egg from HandM.

 How do you apply powder foundation? Do you own a Beauty Blender or do you have a dupe that you can recommend?

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