Weekend Reads 10-09-2016

Hello everyone!

It's the last week before the start of school, and also the last days of summer. A bittersweet time, where I feel like life is slipping away and every moment where the sun toasts my skin reminds me that it might be many months before I feel it again. I spend time outdoors, in the woods and by the side of the lake and river that I am extremely lucky to live close to. Or in the streets of my town. Summer is also coffee at the outdoor tables and people having parties on tiny terraces and the children jumping barefoot in the one fountain that hasn't been fenced off yet. 
I'm going to miss this.

Here are some lovely links for you:

* A rhythm for cleaning. The whole blog is just so lovely and inspiring. Also it makes me want to buy lots of baskets.

* The best sunglasses in the history of cinema.

* Talking of inspiration, I fell in love with just about everything about this blog.

* I toyed with the idea of using Henna as a self tanner. Someone actually tried it, and it works! She also made her own beetroot powder blush lip stain. This is genius because fresh beetroot juice looks amazing on most skin tones and stays on beautifully.

* Even if you haven't been watching Outlander, the blog of their costume designer is just amazing.

* How to hide a bobby pin.

* Minimal homes in Japan. Not really realistic, but nice to look at.

What was your favourite thing you read online this week?

Photo credit: me

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