My Favourite Oils For The Skin And Hair

I love oils because they are so versatile -- put them on your face, your hair, your body, into your bathtub, in your salad. I started using them when I got pregnant with my first kid, I wanted something more natural. After many years of trying out many oils, here are my favourites:

* Plum seed oil:

It smells divine, kind of almondy. My face loves it, but usually I end up smoothing a small drop on my hair and on the ends to make it smell good.

* Carrot oil:

It's very orange, so I add a few drops into most of my oil mixes to get a bit of colour onto my skin. Apart from that it's a very nourishing oil. Note -- it's hard to find pure carrot oil, so check the ingredients before buying.

* Jojoba oil

Basic and versatile. Light, gets absorbed by the skin easily, makes any oil mixture instantly less, well, oily.

* Argan oil

Like jojoba, but with much more nourishment. I love what it does to my skin. Argan oil has a very good reason for being pricey -- most of it is produced by women co-operatives in Marocco.
Cosmetic argan oil is unroasted and has almost no smell. The one for eating is roasted and smells nutty.

* Sesame oil

This is a grounding and warming oil, according to Ayurveda. I get cold easily and have dry skin on my body in the winter, so I base my body oil mixes on sesame oil. A foot rub with this oil before bed time calms and grounds me.

* Flax seed oil

 This works best for my air out of all the oils I have tried so far. I also love it in my salads, for the Omega-3. Flax seed oil starts tasting a bit bitter a couple of weeks after the bottle is opened, so using it on my hair and body is a great way to finish it up faster.

When buying oils make sure that you are buying the pure oil and not a mix. Cold-pressed is best, and I try to get organic when I can.

What are your favourite oils?

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