How Often Should You Cleanse And Scrub?

I think that there is still quite a lot of misinformation about cleansing. Women either don't cleanse regularly, or they completely overdo it -- especially if they have oily skin or breakouts. When you cleanse the skin, what are you actually cleaning off? Dirt from the environment, makeup, sebum and dead skin cells.

However cleansing your face also strips the skin of its protective oils and can disturb its pH level (if the cleanser is not pH neutral). This makes the skin more susceptible to bacteria and other problems. It can also make the skin produce even more oils. Also certain cleansing chemicals (especially sulfates) can irritate the skin. Many scrubs contain grits that are too harsh.

So how often is it ok to cleanse and scrub?

Cleansing your face thoroughly in the evening is something you should never skip. If you wear makeup or sunscreen you need to make sure you clean it off properly, usually in a separate step. I like to use oil to remove sunscreen and makeup, then clean that off with a gel cleanser. Or just do it all in one step with a Micellar cleanser. People usually cleanse their face before going to bed, but sometimes I like to cleanse as soon as I get home in the evening.
    In the morning you usually need to just wash your face with water or wipe it with a toner, unless your skin is especially oily. Our faces don't get dirty while sleeping.

And exfoliating ? Scrubs should not be used more often than twice a week. You can use the very gentle methods of exfoliation like Konjac sponges or Gommage. Facial brushes like Clairsonic have become very popular, but in my opinion lots of women overdo it, not realising that they are exfoliating rather than just cleansing. Use not more often than every other day, use a gentle brush and don't combine it with any other form of exfoliating, whether physical or chemical.
Always be gentle while exfoliating. Your skin is not the bathroom floor.

On the photo above you can see my current collection of cleaners and exfoliators. The only thing missing is my microfiber cloth.

What is your cleansing and exfoliating schedule like?

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