How To Change The Growth Direction Of Unruly Eyebrow Hairs

This method is something that I tried out and has worked really well for me. I have pretty bushy eyebrows which I have to tweeze really often, but theg most irritating thing about them were a couple of hair near the center that would grow straight up, and a couple that would grow downwards. Cutting them was not a good look.

I remember reading somewhere about plucking in the direction of hair growth so that the hair wouldn't end up growing in random directions. I thought that logically the opposite should work too: pulling the hair in the direction you want it to grow in. So I tried it out and I have to say that it works. It does take a while though, I'm not sure how long because as soon as the hair started growing neatly along the brow line I completely forgot that they used to be unruly. I think that I did this for several growth cycles of the eyebrow hair before it worked, which is at least half a year.

To do this you need a a really good tweezer. I like the Solingen Mörser ones, but even here I have to examine each tweezer to make sure I get the one with the thinnest ends. The ends need to be perfectly smooth and thin so that you can easily grab the exact hair you want. If you want something really cheap, get the tiny penknife ones. You need to grab the hair near the root and slowly pull it in the direction you want it to grow in. You can completely pluck the hair out, or you can just pull for a bit.

You can speed up the process by brushing the eyebrows into the desired shape (outwards and slightly upwards) and using a product that will keep them in place.

Have you ever trained your eyebrows into growing the way you want them to? Or maybe messed up their growth through careless plucking? Let me know.

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