Which Old Favourite Products Do I Still Love? (Bra + Beauty)

 I review a lot of stuff, many don't even make it into the blog because there aren't anything special. Some however turn out to be personal holy grails, which I quietly rebuy again ad again.

This bra has proven to be really sturdy, and looks really good after all the wear. The band was really very snug in the beginning and came with an extender, now that it has stretched I don't use the extender any more. This has really increased the life of the bra because as it stretches you have six rows of hooks you can work your way through. This is probably as close to a Buy-It-For-Life as a bra can get.
I like the feeling of encapsulation that it gives me, and I think that this bra is at least partially responsible for the fact that over the years my breast tissue has shifted more towards the center (my breasts used to be very far apart and I needed really wide underwires, but not any more). I haven't used the vest much because it's almost too much cleavage for my lifestyle.

I use this religiously, often combining it with other types of cleansing products. It removes all oil and makeup, and does not dry or irritate my skin.

Gosh Click n Conceal

This concealer from the Danish brand Gosh lasts ages. It goes on easily -- I always have problems with applying other concealers smoothly, and doesn't budge or crawl into creases.Unfortunately I can't buy it in Germany, so I stock up when I'm abroad. Fortunately one pen lasts for a very long time.

I still haven't found a better colouring Henna. One thing I did learn though is that colour releasing is very different across brands, and in the case of Khadi I get best results if I mix it with cool water and let it stand for ca 12 hours, or I mix it with very hot water and use as soon as it is cool enough (in the second scenario I need to blast my hennaed hair with a hair dryer every half an hour to make sure that the henna keeps on releasing it's dye).

Still the best way to get my skin really smooth. I always take both with me in the sauna, it's also a staple gift.

This product is amazing when it comes to mattifying just about anything. It's a great primer and a great finishing powder.

I do this every six months or so. It usually takes 2-3 sessions will my teeth are nice and white again.

I'm actually pretty surprised I haven't broken the big one. I love how it's really gentle and smooth, and I don't use anything else apart from my fingers to comb my hair. I lost the small one which made me pretty sad, I replaced it with a similar one from the Hercules Sägemann line from Müller. I used it for my bangs. DM also has the nice plastic-free Ebelin Nature combs.

If there is any other older product you'd like to ask about, let me know in the comments.

Photo credit: Rachel Walker

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