Cosmetic Favourites -- Autumn 2018

September was my birthday, and most of the products featured in this list are birthday gifts from lovely friends. Yay!

Weleda Creamy Body Wash

This body wash is the best one I've used so far. It's really mild and moisturising, and gentle on even very sensitive skin. I find it really lovely to use because of its amazing scent. I have an extremely sensitive nose and get easily annoyed by scented products, but this one is a sensual experience for my nose. 

Dr Hauschka Rose Nurturing Body Oil

I can't think of an oil that is more cozy and enveloping than rose. This body oil is a mix of rose, sunflower and jojoba. It's very smooth, almost silicone-y, and is absorbed instantly by the skin. The scent is divine, like that of real garden roses. It dissipates very quickly leaves only a lightest of hint of rose scent on the skin, which might be a good or bad thing depending on your taste. Personally overwhelming scents can trigger headaches or annoy me, so I think it's a  that it doesn't hang around.
The product is rather pricey, so I use it on my hands, neck and decollete and my legs get the good old cheap kitchen oils.

Orientana Papaya And Indian Ginseng Scrub

It is really hard to find a good enzymatic exfoliator in Germany, so I requested this one from Poland. The papaya extract lightens discolourations, and the Ashwagandha is an amazing antioxidant. This scrub is quite gritty, a tad sharp for my skin, so I use this more like a masque that I pat on rather than rub as the papaine enzyme gently loosens dead skin cells. I feel that for the ingredients to work it has to be left on for a while. You can actually feel the bromeine working, it causes a very light tingling. After I wash it off with a washcloth my skin is really smooth, healthy and bright.
I looked around to see if it is available abroad, and found this ebay seller who ships it for a very reasonable price.

Korres Goji Berry Instant Firming and Lifting Mask

I never tried anything from Korres before so I was quite excited about this mask. I found it to be very moisturising, ideal for the winter or on any parched bits of the face. Because it has a matte finish I often end up leaving it on my skin like a moisturiser.

Catrice Art Coleurs in 140 Secrets Of Le Chrome Duochrome

For a long time I was looking for good, affordable duochromes. Unfortunately lots of the eyeshadow labelled duochrome is just glitter in two colours, mixed together. A true duochrome had a different colour depending on how it catches the light. I found several of those, but most of them were for skin tones that look good in cool tones. The Secrets Of Le Chrome one is a lovely nougat-berry that moves into a icy blue. It's hard to photograph, but I think the images on my instagram shows of the colour change quite well. It's very soft and buttery and easy to apply and blend, and very layerable. I find that I need a primer to prevent it from lightly slipping into the crease, but this is pretty much standard with my oily + hooded lid combo.

Trend It Up Eyeppearance Eyeshadow Pallette in 040

So since a while I was looking for a gold khaki eyeshadow to replicate this look. After a lot of swatching I decided to buy this tiny little palette. I like that the colours are in a theme, and I think would work on a lot of different face colouring (from a soft summer all the way through all the autumn types to deep winter). The shadows are of decent quality, the only problem is that they aren't in pans but are pressed directly into the palette, and might fall out if it's dropped.
The white turned out to actually be a nice light beige with golden shimmer. Then comes a matte brownish grey, which is surprisingly wearable. Then the lovely golden khakhi (the one I bough the palette for). This is followed by a shade of old faded gold. Then a matte sea green. The last shade is a black livened up with golden sparkles.

All in all I'm very happy with the whole bunch! two more products I've bought recently are lipsticks, but I wanted to talk about those in a separate post. What are your favourite buys this autumn?

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