DIY Power Mattifying Powder -- Potato or Corn Flour !

This is for you all who have oily skin, and your makeup seems to disappear a couple of hours after you've applied it, as well for those who hate the oily look of a proper layer of sunscreen.
    Potato flour (also called potato starch) works as a translucent (colourless) powder with super mattifying properties. In fact, it is an ingredient in some cosmetic powders.

  • Can be used on any skin type when you need that matt effect.
  • It doesn't block pores, and doesn't irritate the skin.
  • Unlike most powders, it doesn't deactivate sunscreen by reacting with its components.Minerals like talc, mica, tin oxide in loose & pressed powders can interact with Parsoll1789 (avobenzone or butyl methoxydibenzoylmetane) contained in UVA filters.
  • You can mix it with your usual coloured face powder, or it can form a barrier between your skin and powder, bronzer & blush.
  • Is a great replacement for talc-based powders. Talc may block pores and is carcenogenic.
  • Applied by itself, it is odourless, and invisible on the face (applied in sensible quantities, of course).
  • It matts the skin in a different way than normal powders: matts the oiliness, but doesn't remove that healthy glow
  • Use it to matt the skin after protecting it with sunscreen.
  • For a darker tint, add some cinnamon.

Doesn't work for you ? Here are other alternatives to try: flour of corn, rice, arrowroot, tapioca and maranta.

    I've not tried this one myself (yet !) but loads of girls have tried it at the forums at Most have been using matt powders & compacts, and they were pleasantly surprised when they tried potato flour. Acc. to the wizaz girls it matts better and longer than most powders, and keeps everything matt all day long except the oiliest noses.


  • Best used after a cream or foundation, (otherwise it can dry out the face)
  • If it is clumpy, sieve it with a fine sieve.
  • Most wizaz girls recommend applying it with a sponge or fluff (easier than with a brush, but you can use that too), and slightly pressing it into the skin.
  • Rub it in with your fingers if you see any marks, or if it gather in folds & creases.  
  • Now, you can use bronzer, blush or whatever.

   Cinnamon boost for colour

   You can add cinnamon to to potato starch. Apart from slightly darkening the colour, it has loads of benifits: Cinnamon is antiseptic, tightens pores, fights acne and pimples, firms skin, prevents post-acne scarring, and on top of it all it has sun-blocking properties !

Warning: some people may be allergic to cinnamon, so do a patch test first.


  • Run the cinnamon powder through a fine sieve.
  • Experiment with the proportions. The p. flour to cinnamon ratio can be anything from 1:1, to 6:1. 
  • Though the cinnamon darkens the powder, you can't see the difference on the skin when it is in small quantities. If you add more cinnamon, then it may give a warmer colour to very fair complexions.

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