Is it a breakout or is your skin purging impurities ?

    New product making your skin break out ? Before you trash it, wait: your skin may be just purging impurities. Skin takes a bit of time to adjust to changes, and that is why you need to give new products and new skin care routines at least a week's trial before judging whether they suits you or not.

    Purging aka detox means getting rid of impurities. This usually looks like a break-out. Apart from beauty products, positive diet and lifestyle changes like giving up coffee, going raw or even giving up smoking also cause skin detoxification. That is because the body heals itself by trying to flush out accumulated toxins. These toxins have been tucked away, but now they are coming out and leaving the body (but on the way they come into contact with your nerves, and make you feel like crap).

So, how do you tell if your skin is purging impurities, or if the product is comodogenic or causing irritation ?

    You need time, and you need to understand your skin.

  • Purging lasts only for some time, it may be a few days (or weeks -- depending on the person and their previous skin care routine), but it goes away when the skin has re-balanced itself, and after that your skin should be looking much better than before.
  • A product that causes clogged pores or irritation will continue doing so for as long as you use it.

    If you learn to observe your skin carefully, and note how it changes with the different products that you use, you should be able to tell quite accurately whether your skin is detoxing or breaking out.

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Photo by Eternal*Voyageur

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