Dry skin after using a new product or care routine?

Dry skin after using a new product or care routine?

    Does your skin feel drier after trying a new product or changing the skin care routine ? Is the product drying, or does the skin just need time to re-balance ? And how can you tell the difference ?
   Apart from purging, the skin responds to changes in many ways, one of which is the rate of the secretion of its own oils (the skins won moisturising factory). Skin is not something passive that merely “feeds” on whatever cosmetics we put on it, and just aging quicker and slower over time: it is a dynamic organ where many processes are taking place every second. The skin reacts at all times to the external environment and interacts with the rest of the body.

   Drier skin after using a new product ? If you switch to a lighter moisturiser, your skin will take a few days to register the difference and start producing it's own moisture (a process which had been inhibited by the rich and heavy cream used before). So, it is important to allow for a trial period of at least one week for the new cosmetic before deciding whether it is moisturising enough.
   If after a week or two the skin still feels dry, then either the product contains ingredients that dry the skin (such as certain kinds of alcohol), or the skin is extremely dry and needs something richer --- although I believe that extremely dry or oily skin is directly related to health issues and nutrition, and cosmetics can do only so much for it.

    The skin feels dryer for the first few days of following Dr. Hauschka's skip-the-night-cream routine --- the skin's oil production has “gone lazy” after being fed with rich creams each night, and so it can take up to a week for the skin to resume producing it's own oils.

    So remember, the trial period for any change in your skincare routine should be at least one week !

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