Training program for bra fitters in "normal" stores


  1. There are 4 sizes - A, B, C, D and some other caprices.
  2. In reality there are 3 sizes, A, B, C
  3. Actually there is the one size B. (See Course - "B - the Only Right Size")
  4. If the client doesn't know which size she wears, she needs 75 or 80B. (See Course "Roentgen Eye, or how to judge size through any clothing").
  5. The clients are always more stupid than us. (See Course "How to educate clients about the Only Right Size")
  6. Manufacturers' must be consequentially ignored, since caprices appear there. 
  7. A manufacturer writing that there is no difference between 75 and 70D and 70E does not know what they are writing.
  8. 10 cm difference in the underbust measurement = 0 cm difference.
  9. A big bust is C.
  10. Whales may have a D. In reality it is C, and actually B, just with a bigger band.
  11. Sizes above D are caprices, and clients persisting in saying that they have such a size are cripples and mutants.
  12. Cripples should be eradicated, or at least oppressed, with the aim of bringing them back into the arms of the society of Normal Women.
  13. In reformed instances the bra band may be extended by an arbitrary number of centimetres.
  14. The less sizes there are, the more elite the store. We don't order sacks, we don't support mutants.
  15. Women should be habituated to sew (See suggested course "You can just narrow it"), because giving attention to caprices leads to debauchement, hysterics and hallucinations.
  16. Swimsuits are exclusively for normal women, whales and mutants should not be allowed on the beach.
  17. Big breasts are by nature possesed only by nursing women.
  18. A client that is debauched, hysterical and hallucinating should be got rid of as soon as possible, if the "B" cure is not applicable.
  19. A hump is in accordance with nature.
   Translated, from the Polish original by Ananke.

Photo by jokoserioos

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