Where To Buy Very Small Cups + Very Small Bands

Updated! Some brands have increased their size ranges, some have disappeared, and some great new brands have sprung up since I wrote this post. So I have updated it with lots of fresh info!

How small cups should fit, how they shouldn´t and where you can buy sizes like 28(60)A. Plus, a small-boobed manifesto.

Recently I got a question from reader Zoe:

"Since many of us have a larger cup size and smaller band size than we used to think we are, it got me wondering about the places that specialize in bras for smaller busted women. It got me wondering: Are their band sizes small enough? Will the underwires be wide enough for me? For example, www.lulalu.com. They specialize in AAA, AA, and A cup bras. I read the reviews and the features that they got in magazines; it seems that the reviews are really good, and they test their products on many small-busted women to ensure that they fit. They don't have a size like 28C however. I wonder where that leaves me... My size may not be called an 'A' cup, but I am still small-breasted! I wonder if their bands, in fact, do run small enough for someone like myself. I imagine that my frame is similar to that of the models and customers... It seems that places that specialize in larger cup sizes, like Bravissimo, address the band size issue more because larger breasted women need a snug enough band to provide that support, whereas smaller-breasted women don't need as much support. So interestingly, it's actually easier to find 28's in D cup and up, than below."

Thanks for the question ! It has lead me to several conclusions. First of all:
Small busted women may not need much support, but only the right sized bra can give them some shape !
Many girls which have A cups actually have bigger boobs than they think they have. Check out this image from their site:

34AA my foot.

   This is a classic example of a too loose band and too small cups. Please click image to supersize. You can see how the underwire doesn´t go all the way around the breasts, (in the center between the breasts, and in the armpit region). That´s why the bottom of the bra is empty: the underwire sits on top of the breast instead of going around the base. I can bet that the worst bulges and creases have been photoshopped away, but you can still easily see that these girls should be wearing something one or two band sizes tighter, and one or two cup sizes bigger.
This is better explained by these rather extreme examples of the same problem. You can see how the wrong size can make your breasts smaller. (The lady in the pink bra does it right, BTW !)

To compare with the badly fitted bob-haired lady on the top: this is a correctly fitted 34A (couldn´t find a 34AA sorry !)
For more examples of correctly fitted small busts, check out these 30B and 30C

Where to buy small cups with small bands ?

28(60)C is not that hard to find, since brands like Panache (broad underwires) start from 28C. But there is less choice for cups smaller than that.

So, which brands do small bra sizes and where to find them ? (PS I have not been able to find out info about the underwire width and stretchiness of many of the brands, because of lack of any data. See my appeal on the bottom !) 

 La Senza heart

Pretty and inexpensive bras that start from 30A (which is actually as tight as a 28). Check their size table, with La Senza you need to take band size closest to your underbust measurement (I have currently 66 cm under the bust, I take size 28(60) band in most brands, and 30(60) in La Senza. A lot of their cups run slightly smaller than standard. Unfortunately, the La Senza in Canada decided to stop producing 65 bands. Boo ! I´m sure you can catch some on Ebay though !

Ewa Michalak (online store, Poland) heart

Start at 30A, but will custom make any size for no extra cost -- however custom bras are non returnable. If you a band 28 or smaller, I recommend first ordering a 30(65) first to check out the fit. The bands run snug and the bras are very well constructed and highly flattering. Affordable prices, around 25€. 

Tight bands, small cups. Starts at 32A, which is in practice 30A.  Pretty, girly and lacy. You can get them everywhere, from Amazon to Nordstorm to Figleaves. Try Google Shopping search to find the best prices. Starting from  £25.60 at Figleaves. Elle Macpherson is based in AU, so maybe you antipodes might find the best deals on these bras.

Theoretically from 28AA, but they don´t offer much choice at that size. However I guess their offer changes every season, so it´s worth taking a look now and then, since their prices are usually great. The quality varies though ! Their shipping costs to Europe are affordable, outside Europe -- not really. There are lots of MandS bras on Ebay.co.uk for really cheap, with international shipping offered !

    They are introducing 28 bands in spring 2013! They have vibrant and youthful designs, lots of mesh and unpadded cups. This is a new brand on the block that I have great hopes for.


They don´t specialise in small bras, but depending on the season, they have more or less small cups in stocks. They also offer cool discounts, so it´s a good idea to keep checking ! Thy have a UK site as well as a US site.

Mimi Holliday and Damaris

Very pretty lacy things from 28AA, start at around £50 pounds. Also available at Figleaves. I have to share: I´m in love with the Solar Noon model ever since I saw this.

Lula lu

From 30AA. The brand specialises in small cups, and has some adorable confections. The bras are pricier, with most starting at 50$. Although the bad fit examples on the top of this post are from their site, some models on their page are actually well fitted.

The Little Bra Company

Pretty and colourful. From 28A and 50$. Apart from lace models, there are lots of smooth cups to choose from. You can buy them in boutiques (mainly US and Canada) or online (adresses and urls here.)


This Danish brand produces bras that start at 30A in several nice models. They even have strapless bras in this size!

Dainty Lady (UK) 

 A, AA and B, band sizes 28-42. Mostly white and black models for daily wear. Prices start at £15.99. I can´t figure out if they ship outside the UK or not.

John Lewis (UK only) 

Stocks bras from 28AA, some of their own line, some from other producers. The bras are affordable, with some £20. Some models are on clearance at £10 ! The aesthetics are nice, with feminine designs.

Starts at 30A, pretty and high-quality bras.
This French brand produces luxurious models that start at 30A and are a bit pricy. Available at these stores.

Bigger Bras

Contrary to its name, this store does carry a few models in the small sizes.  The band start at 28, and cup sizes start at AA.

Discover Mademoiselle heart

This brand doesn´t exist anymore, but you can still find pieces on Ebay or some online stores. Very pretty bras, very flattering to small busts. From 28B (26A in practice, since the bands are very tight).  I snagged a Clara Bow recently on Ebay, and I totally adore it for it´s prettiness and for the lift it gives.

Little Women (UK)

Only one bra in the 28A category ? And there isn´t any 28B or C category. They do, however, have small cups with big bands, sizes like 36AAA. Prices from £14.95. Some not half ugly for daily wear. Affordable worldwide shipping.

Dessus-Dessus (FR)

Theoretically from 28A, but a proper choice starts at 30B. They stock several brands, with prices starting at 25€.

Debenhams (UK) heart 

A couple of bras in the 28 band, but a lot (!) of bras in sizes like 30A and 30B ! Starting at £9 for bras of their own production, they are definitely very affordable. They also stock other brands too, and there is a nice mix of colours & styles. Worldwide delivery for £7. If you live in the UK, delivery to your nearest Debenhams is free.

Boux Avenue

Created by the former owner of UK La Senza. They start at 30A, but the bands appear to run about a size small, so that might actually be a 28B. Their selection in 30A-D is quite broad, and the bras start at £12 or so. International shipping on request.

Ebay heart

Ok, this might be a no-brainer, but I need to dispel some myths. You can buy new bras without defects, and many sellers (not all) offer exchanges and refunds. You can often get bras much cheaper than retail price. I do almost all of my bra shopping here, so I should know.

Not recommended:

Freya and Kostar. Both have an extremely stretchy bands, and if you are already wearing a small band, you can´t go a size lower.

Dear small-busted women, please demand your rights.

     Apparently the reason why there manufacturers are ignoring you is that a lot of small-boobed girls ignore bras and boobs. Too many ladies throw on any old crappy push-up, not realising that the right bra in the right size can not only make you feel good, but give you boobs where you though you had none (and I´m not talking about push-ups here).
     You are invisible to bra manufacturers -- most claim that there is no demand for small bands and small cups. If you'd like them to see you, why not send in your pic to the Bra Band Project
    Maybe you could try writing to bra stores and manufacturers, requesting them to make bras in your size ? After all, stores only stock what the clients buy, so they need to know that yes, women, not just little girls, wear sizes like 28A, and they want more pretty and affordable 28AAs bras, goddammit !

Ok guys, this has got to be the frigging most comprehensive guide to small bras in the world. It has to be ! If I´ve missed anything, please let me know. Brands, stores, tips... help me make this post the queen of small cups post !

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