Freshpair At Home Bra Fit Program, Fitting Tips, Giveway

    Today's post is full of goodies: I'm introducing a great service you US ladies will love, an awesome fitter is sharing her fitting tips and bra recommendations, and finally there is a lovely giveway! Read on!

FreshPair At Home Bra Fit Service

    Have you ever wished you could try on a dozen bras from an online store at home, without having to shell out tons of money as collateral? And having a knowledgeable person pre-selecting brands and models that are more likely to fit you? Well, those of you in the US can! Freshpair's At Home Bra Fit program combines the best of online and offline shopping -- you get plenty of time to try on the bras in the privacy of your own home (not to mention your own mirror -- what is wrong with dressing room mirrors?), while you get advice from a fitter like you would in an offline store, and you don't need to buy the bras before trying them on. A while back a lovely reader wrote to me about her great experiences with this program -- she was really impressed with her fitter and ended up with great-fitting bras.
    The Freshpair At Home Fit program works like this: you discuss your fit issues and preferences with a fitting expert via phone or skype (the consultation is free), and you get 12-15 bras sent to you which you can try on at home. You keep only the ones that fit back and return the rest. The best part (especially for all of us broke gals) is that you don't have to pay upfront for all those bras -- you pay only for the ones that you keep! And shipping and returns are free!
    Oh, though the At Home Bra Fit program is US only, the FreshPair online store has international shipping, with flatrate international shipping for $9.95 USD.

Bra-fitting talk with bra fit specialist Bobbie Smith

    I contacted the bra fitter Bobbie Smith that my reader was so pleased with, and Bobbie agreed to share some of her tips and thoughts with you gals! Read on to find out which bras she recommend most, the sexiest set a guy can gift to their lady, how her mother's breast augmentation inspired her to be a fitter, plus details on how exactly the Freshpair At Home Bra Fit program works!

Eternal*Voyageur: Have you had cases where getting well-fitting (and pretty) bras has helped a woman with her self-image or otherwise had a positive effect on her life?

Bobbie Smith: All the time!  I just got off the phone with a lovely woman that is in her later 50’s, she told me how excited she is to own her first sexy push-up bra.  I had another that called after she received bras I sent out and told me it’s the first time she has felt good about herself since having her mastectomy. I always have reports from women saying their clothes are too big now or a co-worker told her she lost weight.  It’s really amazing to me how something most people thinks is insignificant can has such a profound impact on their life. Many women don’t realize that beautiful bras are even more functional than a plain old nude one.  A lace bra with seams offers better shaping and a lot more support than a nude T-shirt bra. Besides, if you have an emergency trip to the hospital a pretty lace bra will certainly be appreciated!

* Apart from getting the perfect bra, what else do you think a woman could do to deal with negative feelings towards her breasts?

    Forgive herself. Being a woman is not easy. From the moment we are born, we’re fed with other people’s ideas of what the perfect woman looks like. As we grow up we think we should be able to take all those opinions of perfection and be that. Women don’t help each other either.  Every day I hear a woman put another woman down. It sickens me that we so easily hurt each other. I believe if we start to look for the beauty on others it will lead us to appreciate our own beauty. We are all so uniquely beautiful, why would we ever want to look like someone else? You have to come to a point where you fall in love with yourself. I think beautiful lingerie helps to remind us of that.

There is a card I send with all my packages to the woman that take part in the At Home Bra Fit program.  It says:
In the morning before I dress I look in the mirror
and offer forgiveness to the girl looking back.
My goal every day is to find a new acceptance
and love for my ever changing body. Slipping
into lingerie that fits flawlessly and looks
beautiful, helps sustain my promise of love
throughout that day.

I hope that as you try on these pieces, I have
chosen for you, they will grant you the same.

* What does the consulting process of the At Home Bra Fitting from Fresh Pair look like? What happens during the telephone consulting session?
    This program is so important to me because I believe the right bra can change your world.  I am passionate about helping women; build a bra wardrobe that fulfills all their needs so that they can walk through the day comfortable and confident.

    At Home Bra Fit starts with a consultation that is done over the phone or via Skype. I really want each woman to have the knowledge and tools she needs to fit herself. So the phone consultation is really to teach and educate her to do just that. I address all the clients current fit issues and once size range and style is determined I put together a beautiful selection of bras. See I can give a woman the ability to fit herself but I can’t let her fend for herself when it comes to choosing the bras she wants to try.  I chose the bras because most women do not understand how one brand will fit in relation to another. As you are fully aware, there is no regulation for bra manufactures so they all fit differently. I send the bras to her so she can learn what brands she likes best as well as styles.  Then future purchases are a lot less scary for her because she knows what she is looking for.
     The Client has one week to try the bras.  At the end of the week they chose what they like and send back what they don’t.  Shipping is free.

* What can a woman do to get the most out of the consultation? Anything she can do or prepare beforehand?

    It's best to just throw out any idea of the perfect bra size.  Just like the Santa Clause, we all want to believe he is real, but eventually we have to grow up and face the facts. It’s just not so.  A bra size does not determine you.
    Next, we have to trust each other. I ask a lot of questions to help her find the right fit. I have to trust that she is giving me honest answers. She needs to trust that Ms. Fit knows best! It is scary for someone that has been wearing a 38D to be told they are closer to a 32H. Many women are afraid of back fat and cups sizes.  A lot of women avoid the right fit because they do not want to associate with a cup size they don’t like.  Others are scared of a little bump in the back.
   Well a bra can do two things: It can lift you up or let you hang.  It’s her choice.

* Here is one from the men reading my blog: which bra set would you recommend as a sexy/romantic present? (one that is available in a bigger range of sizes).

    Oh, I love helping to put the fire in a relationship.  There are so many beautiful options for full busted women. What to choose, what to choose!
    First, I think it is very important for couples to understand what style of lingerie you find most attractive. Your ideal and hers may be different so it’s important you both have an understanding of each other’s desires and can compromise if necessary.  This way you will be able to find something you want to see her in and have the confidence that she will actually wear it.
    As a general recommendation I would suggest Elomi’s Lara Half Cup #EL8060, with the matching knickers.  I personally love the pouty look that a half cup gives and I think most women will feel sexy in this kind of style.  It’s important that a girl feel sexy in what she wears, you’ll certainly have more fun if she does!

* Though statistics show that 34D is the most-sold size in the US, we all know that that includes a lot of women incorrectly fitted into a 34D. Which sizes do your clients most often need? A rough estimate is ok ;)

    There are well over 90 different bra sizes. The problem is that brick and mortar stores can not physically merchandise that many options. Can you imagine walking into a store that had 100 styles in over 90 sizes?  Women would run scared. So they limit the sizes they offer. This is why the average size sold is so far off from what my client actually need.  Most women have never been exposed to a better option so it’s quite mind blowing when I address this and explain sizing to them.  I fit a vast range of sizes, I honestly do not have one size that is used more than another.  I even went back and looked at my orders to see what was the most popular size sent out. I guess this is just another example of how different we all are.  No two boobs are alike.

* I'm curious: which bra models do you end up recommending most frequently, because they seem to work for so many types of breasts?

   There are so many fantastic options it’s really hard for me to narrow it down.
   Most of the time if a client is a 30-36 C-D I send the Simone Perele Andora # 131343.  The cup is made from a 3 dimensional spacer fabric that fits like a second skin.  It’s an adorable T-shirt option.
   For a full bust and small frame I love sending Curvy Kate.  They have so many cute options and the Daily Boost #CK1801is a terrific basic to own.
   Sizes that range from 38-44 E-K I almost always send Panache Tango II.  It’s always available in a fun color and gives really nice shape and support to a full bust.

* Which brands do you recommend for those needing 28-30 A-C? It's so hard to find anything in that size.

    You’re so right!  It is really hard to find and unfortunate because many woman have to have their bras altered for lack of options in small band/cup sizes. I like The Little Bra Company, they specialize in petite sizes and have loads of cute options.

* How did you decide to become a fitter? What is your favorite part about your work?

     My mom, Brenda, hated her breasts. She truly thought she was unattractive because she was so small. She even wore a T-shirt that said “objects behind this shirt are larger than they appear.” As a young girl, I used to play with her fake inserts and pray to God that I would not grow up to be “flat chested” like her.
    When I was 10, my mom had a breast augmentation and almost died. The implant ruptured and she began hemorrhaging inside. After her second surgery, one implant slid up through the muscle and she was left with a large mountain of silicone right under her clavicle. She had to have a few different surgeries afterwards. I was scared and she was scarred.
   This really did make me understand at a young age the importance of loving yourself. I am not against surgery, but I am all for helping women learn acceptance. My career started in the bridal industry where I tested countless gowns on brides. Their two biggest requests were for ruching throughout the waist and built-in corsets to increase their bust. I was amazed that every bride, regardless of her origin, social status, or size, had negative comments to say about herself.
   I was trained by Susan Nethero, the founder of Intimacy, on how to properly fit bras. I have successfully fit over 3,000 women and counting! I fell in love with fitting bras because I understood how much it can improve a woman’s confidence. I truly believe a proper fit can help a woman see herself differently and start to repair all those negative thoughts she may think about herself.

Fresh Pair Giveway!

    The icing on top of this post is that Fresh Pair is generously giving away a 25$ gift card to their online store! The giveway is open worldwide, and the winner will be chosen at random on the 3rd January. It's super-easy to enter:

Disclosure: I have not been compensated in any for for this post! I'm recommending the FreshPair at home bra fit program on the basis of reader rave reviews :) If any of you have use the program, do let us know in the comments!

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