If You Had To Choose One Makeup Item...

   If you had literally 5 seconds to do the most abridged version of your makeup ever, which product would you reach for? Which step of your makeup routine is vital for you?
   Of course a lot of this depends on our individual skin and features, still I feel that the choice reflects our attitude towards beauty and our looks: while some women consider a concealer to be their best friend, others would prefer to add a swipe of lip colour for a dash of glam.

   Personally I used to see the eyeliner as a solution to everything. Every time I felt under-dressed somewhere I compensated for it by drawing on my eyeliner thicker and then smudging it with my little finger. My partiality towards eyeliner stemmed from the belief that my eyes are my best feature, so enhancing them seemed like the logical thing to do. Oh, and eyeliner is easy to apply in a us or tram. But a while back I discovered mineral foundation and corrector, and these product made me realise that I like my face much more when the redness around my nose is concealed. So my go-to product would be, um, I guess the corrector, but this needs to be worn under the foundation (because it's green). So if I had to pick just one thing, it would be foundation, applied mainly on problem areas (if I do a proper coat I need a bronzer or blusher afterwards because I feel like a blank canvas).

    Over to you: which product would you choose and why? Is corrective makeup more important to you than decorative makeup? Are you guilty of applying eyeliner in public?

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