Weekend Reads 19-11-2011

by Chiara Fersini

* Style: a great guide to corsets, and how to wear them.

* Bra fitting: gutsy blogger wins a plus-four war with Playtex. Just: wow!

* Home: Creating A Home That Inspires Your Life

* Style: a great explanation of how "Warm and cool" is a spectrum within each hue. This is why if you say "oh, I can't wear that colour" it means that you haven't found the right tone of that colour.

* Tech:  manage flitter: a cool device for unfollowing on twitter

* Eat: Quinoa. It's my personal favourite grain!

* US citizens: please vote NO to SOPA. If you are a blogger, you can pass on the message (by getting your banner ´censored' like mine right now) Here is why:

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