Reader Question: Petite Seeks Bras To Fight Underarm Bulges

A while back Heather wrote to me with this problem:

  "I have armpit and back bulges and I'm having a very hard time finding a bra that's high in the armpit while still being a petite size."
    She also mentioned that she has tear-shaped breasts (fuller on the bottom, flatter on the top). Quick explanation for non-petites: bras which an average to tall person perceives as high under the armpits usually are too high for petites (poking!). For those of you who have not read all the archives: underwires that go up high under the arm help with reversing the migration of breast tissue. This is what I answered:

   "I would advise you to try plunges, they usually go higher up under the armpits. For example the Panache Tango II in the plunge version. However it is really hard to say which models have underwires that are high enough but not too high --- it depends upon your individual proportions. If you are crafty, I know that it is possible to open the end of the underwire tunnel and cut a too long underwire short."

   I have a nagging feeling that my answer wasn't earth-shatteringly helpful. So I turn to you for words of bra-wisdom: Do you ladies have any brands or models to recommend to Heather? I'm especially looking at you petite ladies: which bras worked for you? Please help Heather out with your comments.

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