The Epilating vs Shaving Experiment Fail

smooth legs: shaving vs epilating

     So last week I shaved one leg and epilated the other, just for you guys. Haven't you always wanted to know which is better for the skin: shaving or epilating your legs? So because this is a smart, sensible beauty blog, I decided to run a scientific experiment to test this out.
     I have been epilating my legs since years, occasionally using a razor when I am in a rush. I noticed that after epilating my skin would be lightly irritated (every hair follicle would look like a red spot). After shaving the skin stayed smooth and, well, skin-coloured. Was epilating too harsh on the skin, I wondered? Should I switch to shaving?
    So I decided to shave one leg and epilate the other for a couple of weeks and see how they compare. The skin on the shaved leg looked way better than that of the epilated leg on the first day. On the second day I debated shaving or skipping alternate days. As I am lazy busy, the second option won. After a couple of days I noticed that the shaved leg wasn't looking so perfect anymore: scraping the skin with a blade even every other day meant tiny irritations and microscopic nicks. The epilated leg had a week to two to recover between sessions, so the skin smoothed out.
     And then I skipped a day of shaving. later at night, in the bed, my husband let out a yowl of pain. He had accidentally rubbed his leg against mine (the shaved one). "What's that prickly stuff on your leg?!?" he wanted to know. That was it, epilating won the contest, hands down.
    So I'm sticking to epilating, ladies, At least I won't injure anyone if I skip a session. Also, I solemly swear to apply something calming like Weleda Skin Food on my skin afterwards, and always epilate the evening before.

    Do you shave, epilate or maybe wax? Or did you get a permanent hair removal? Have you every "stubbled" someone with an unshaven limb? Do spill.

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