Weekend Reads 10-03-2012

Cutest baby in the world
To brighten up your day: cutest baby ever!

      Hi everyone, how was your week? Mine was pretty uneventful, except for a lot of sunshine and gardening! Here is some great stuff I found this week:

* Know: Is the Kony 2012 campaign a fraud? Read this before you decide to share / donate.

* Style: The Best Way to Ruin Your Appearance

* DIY: this embellished collar is so cute!

* Home: 10 Minutes to a Room You’ll Love: Bathroom

* This and that: What do you think of these?

* Life: how detaching can improve relationships

* Food: have you ever tried Quinoa? It's one of my all-time favourite foods: super-healthy, versatile and easy to use!

Check these out: