Conditioner-Only Washing: March 2012 Hair Update

One year conditioner-only washing

   It's been more than a year that I jumped onto the washing my hair with conditioner bandwagon! I am loving it and my hair is getting better and better. If you're curious, here is the Dec 2011 hair update and the April 2011 hair update. and the There have been a few ups and downs though, I have tweaked my routine and tried out stuff. Here is my routine from the past few months:

* Although I like to use a bit of gentle, SLS-free shampoo on my scalp every other co-washing, I didn't use almost any shampoo at all in the coldest weeks of the winter.

* I usually wash my hair two to three times a week.

* To bring out the wave patterns, I scrunch the conditioner into my hair, and then scrunch the hair again after rinsing out. Sometimes I also plop.

* I have microfibre towels, and I love them for my hair. I feel they are gentler and create less frizz.

* I am currently using Alterra's Pomengranate range for co-washing, mainly because I've been to lazy to make my own conditioner. I like it, but then I haven't much comparison with other products (it's hard to find a silicone and paraben-free conditioner!) I did mistakenly use the Alterra hair masque instead of the conditioner for a while, and wondered why the thing was so sticky...

* I finger-comb my hair when dry, using a natural-bristle brush just for my bangs (I find that bangs look better un-clumped).

* I try to alternate sugar scalp-scrubs, protein treatments, beer rinses, cider-vinegar rinses and oil conditioning. This means that around every second hair wash I'll be doing one of these treatments. The oils I have been using lately are grapeseed oil and extra-virgin olive oil.

* For volume, I clip my roots when my hair is drying after co-washing; and I sleep with my hair tied into a pineapple.

   So what now? I'll be sticking with co-washing, and hopefully soon I'll have fine-tuned my routine. Sometimes my hair acts up and I don't know what it wants, in such cases I usually try cider-vinegar rinses or protein treatments -- or wearing a crocheted beret. I'm hoping to get to the bottom of these hair-tantrums!
  I am trying out way to re-vitalise my waves on the second day, testing out DIY sprays and stuff like that.  So far I haven't found anything I'm crazy about.  If I find the perfect thing, I'll be a happy girl. Got any tips for me? I can't use the famous lavender curls revitaliser because I've got low blood pressure.

   How is your hair routine going? Have you made any recent discoveries? Do share!

PS  I did do a back-shot like in the past hair updates, but I underestimated how weird wet hair looks on photos.

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