Weekend Reads 06-05-2012

Banksy on advertising
Banksy on advertising

      Hi everyone, how did your week go? I had a crappy one, with an injured foot, a cold, and a broken computer. Hope yours was better!

Here are some great posts you should persue:

* Cute: How city kids run their sidewalk lemonade stands

* Smarts: 7 Commonly Corrected Grammar Errors (That Aren't Mistakes)

* Breath taking: the Eiffel tower and yesterday's supermoon.

* Beauty: this girl discovered that hair removal creams work as cuticle removers.

* Yum: These sound so delicious!

* The I am a ___ ask me anything subreddit is amazing. Includes threads by celebs, people in awesome / crazy professions and the Blogger and Google Maps teams!

Check these out: