Firmoo Eyewear Review Take Two + Weekend Reads 07-07-2012

    Remember the pair of glasses from Firmoo I got? I followed your sensible advice and contacted Firmoo, and they immediately offered to send me another pair. This time I decided to go for frameless -- I think they are the easiest  type of glasses to choose without trying on. The pair I chose was this one.
   The pair in life is quite pretty. I especially like the temples with their cut-out design -- I think it looks light and feminine. The temples are also quite flexible, which I like. I chose red because I wear this colour a lot. The lenses are (as far as I can tell) plastic, which means I have to be careful about not getting them scratched
     I quite enjoy having frameless glasses again, as the frame can really cut off a part of my view!
   This is what the pair looks like:

   Don't forget to enter the Firmoo eyewear giveway, where two winners get a pair of eyewear and all participants get a discount coupon worth 25$!

   In other news, I surfed the interwebs and found this:

* Smarts: On compliments and stereotypes.

* Boobs: A fantastic posts about fit problems and solutions for girls with a long torso.

* Makeup: Here is a simple and very effective makeup for a hooded lid.

* Relationships: Teenage girls of this tribe in Cambodia get their own huts so that they can meet boys and find a husband. It's amazing how happy, free and emapncipated (in the true sense of this world) these young women are.

* Bras: every tried buying on british ebay?

* Home: I'm not a huge fan of design blogs, but Say Yes To Hoboken is cute and has lots od DIYs.

     Have a great weekend!

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