How To Exfoliate When You Have Fragile Capillaries Or Sensitive Skin

How To Exfoliate When You Have Fragile Capillaries Or Sensitive Skin

    As a teenager I did lots of harm to my skin by exfoliating it regularly with scrubs. Nobody told me that the pinkishness around my nose was in fact capilaries that were very fragile -- couperose skin.
    Funnily, although a lot of Caucasians have problems with capillary fragility, the beauty world doesn't seem to talk about them much. Skin with fragile capillaries should be treated as if it were very sensitive. I have covered the basics of skin care for fragile capllaries here, but since then I have discovered several ways of safely bypassing the big "no scrubbing" rule.

      I wasn't very happy about not being able to exfoliate, I love the look of scrubbed skin! However I didn't want to break any more capillaries and make my skin look even more reddish. Since that time I learned several ways of exfoliation which is safe for fragile skin and fragile capillaries:

* Corundum crystals: these mega sharp and super fine particles polish dead cells off the top skin layer. Think of it as polishing with the finest grade of sandpaper.

* Microfiber cloth: this magical little cloth is super soft and yet manages to grab dead skin cells and dirt.

* Konjac sponge: this japanese natural sponge gently exfoliates and massages the skin.

* Gommage: a sticky paste that gently lifts dead skin cells.

* Chemical exfoliation: certain chemicals like Boromine from pineapples help to loosen the skin bonds and get rid of old skin cells.

     Do you know any other couperose-safe exfoliation methods? Have you tried any of the above -- which did you like best? Do share!

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