Adventures In England

   I've just gotten back from the UK and it was lovely! Sorry for the lack of posts, I didn't manage to pre-schedule any. I spent the weekend at the English countryside at a retreat that I won a ticket to. It was awesome, and I loved the English countryside with its mists, green and rain!
   I had an extra day to explore Manchester -- I really liked the city, with its music, it's nooks and corners. My host, who I found through couchsurfing was lovely -- she explained a lot about the local cultures, and took me around.

Richmond Tea Rooms

Highlights included:

* Having tea and scones in an Alice In Wonderland inspired Tea House (see above). This place was amazing.
* The ticket conductor on the train checking people's tickets with "That looks lovely" and "Oooh, you've got one of those too!". In an adorable accent, of course.
* Doing a 5 rhythms workshop -- seriously, one of the most intense experiences in my life.
* Having a cider in Manchester's oldest pub, and getting quite tipsy (it's got way more alcohol than German beer). Funnily, the drinks were served in plastic glasses.
* Yoga in the morning in the middle of a circle of standing stones.
* Popping my false eyelash cherry -- with the most gorgeous handmade butterfly eyelash (funnily, people kept coming up to me and saying: "do you know that you'r ewearing only one?" They come only in ones!)
* Fire hooping! My second time, was as exhilarated as the first time.
* Seeing a guy opening the trunk of his car, pulling out a saxophone and playing it in the middle of the street.

adventures in the UK
The Old Wellington

Things I liked:

* Museums are for free, like they should be.
* Bras! It was amazing to see sizes like 28B and 34G hanging on store racks.
* People being generally really nice and helpful to me all of the time.
* Sea gulls, even pretty far away from the coast!
* The amazing rain-boots that all British girls seem to own, in lovely styles and colours. I even saw a pair of silver ones!
* Quite a lot of women on the streets with what looked like well-fitted bras.
* The previously mentioned cider. Love the taste. Ale was a bit of  a disappointment, but I'd drink cider any day.
* Electric sockets on trains.
* The humour. Even museum plaques were often tongue-in-cheek.

adventures in the UK

Um, WTF?

* Stuff was rather pricey, as compared to Germany. Ok, maybe except the trains.
* The Mancunian accent. I never imagined I'd have communication problems in England
* Some of the taps and showers were just weird. I mean, what's the point of having a separate tap for cold and a separate one for hot water on the same sink?
* The very weird Manchester rain. Apparently, they also have rain that stands in the air, waiting for you to walk in.
* Mosquitoes. I had forgotten how annoying these are.
* The chocolate. UK, I am not impressed.
* Leggings worn as pants. I saw way too many of these in the streets. Also, pyjamas, worn on the streets.
* Couldn't get contact lenses without a prescription. I didn't think of bringing my prescription because in Germany you can buy contacts off the supermarket shelves.
* Security cameras, everywhere. Creeped me out.
* Marmite. It screwed with my brain, I couldn't decide whether I liked it or hated it.

adventures in the UK

standing stone circle in Shropshire

   At the end of my stay I was using the word "lovely" a lot and saying sorry when other people hit me with their luggage!

   My teeny haul (doesn't include bras):

UK haul: Eco tools brushes

   The hand-warmers are hand-made by a woman at the retreat, and the brushes and from Eco Tools (Boots) -- I'm very pleased with them. The dry shampoo was a random thing I got for free in a "buy 2 get 1 free" thing. I tried to get my hands on some E.L.F. cosmetics but didn't see any in stores.

    Coming up: bra shopping experiences with a cluster-review of many models. And a proper review of the Panache Sports bra!

     Have you ever been to the UK, or maybe you are lucky enough to live there? What are your favourite places?