Cosmetic Favourites June 2013 + What I Recommend At Kiko

   Hey everyone, time for the monthly round-up of cosmetic reviews. This month I had luck, and am in love with all my purchases! read on to find out what stole my heart this summer:


Alverde Natural Glossy Lip Sheer in 02 Neutral Beige

   I wanted a lip product that was nude, but not zombie-nude. Something understated for everyday wear. The Alverde Natural Glossy Lip Sheer is pretty close to perfection. The colour is a warmer beige with a light frosty shimmer, sheer enough to give a pretty natural look. The product is creamy and the finish is frosty -- there is nothing glossy about it. It is sheer enough for some of your original lip colour to show through, which means that the colour will look different on you in a good way: it won't clash with your skin tone, and won't look dead. The Alverde natural glossy lip sheer can also be applied over a more intensive lip colour, to soften it and add a bit of frosty shimmer; or just in the middle of the lip for a highlight.
   The Alverde lip sheer is very moisturising (contains beeswax and tons of great plant oils) and feels soft and smooth. It doesn't gather in the lines and wears off evenly. It will last a couple of hours if you don't eat. The Alverde Natural Glossy Lip Sheer is also available in Light Magenta, and Soft Plum. I paid 3,75€ for it.
Natrue certified organic, cruelty-free.

Alverde Mamaglück Body Butter Wilde Malve

    I usually use oils to moisturise my skin, but I was tempted by the texture and feel of a body butter. I picked this up for and am quite happy. It sinks in quite fast, leaves the skin soft and smooth. A little bit goes a long way, so the tub will last and last. The main ingredient is shea butter, which I adore, as well as sunflower oil which the skin absorbs really fast. An important ingredient is evening primrose oil which is a wonder-oil that increases skin elasticity, regulates the oiliness of the skin and is great for all skin types (incidentally, this oils is also an amazing supplement for anyone with skin allergies, irritations or hair fall issues). This products is marketed for pregnant women and moms, but don't let this scare you off. In fact, most pregnancy products are less likely to contain anything irritating, and are good for increasing the skin's elasticity. The only issue I have with it is that the scent is a bit strong for my taste: I feel like a coconut macaroon; and it overwhelms the scent of the light dab of patchouli essential oil that I use as a perfume.
   Bottom line: love this, but would switch to a version with another scent.
The Alverde Mamaglück Body Butter is Vegan, cruelty-free and natrue certified.

P2 Summer Attack splashing all over bronzing mist

   After I saw this, I knew I had to have a leg bronzer. This one is not a self-tanner, it is basically a colour you spray on and spread with your palms. The colour is matt, no sparkles or sheen. However the tone is very yellow-orange, so it will look weird if your skin tone is very cool. If your skin is on the warmer side though, it can look natural if you manage to spread it around evenly.
    The bottle doesn't really mist it evenly over your legs, it kind of sprays out a bit and you need to use your palms to spread it properly. (Be careful and don't spray it while standing on a white carpet). I prefer to apply it on wet skin because it is easier to blend in. In the first moments is like "arrgh this colour is horrible and it's streaking" but after a few minutes sinks into the skin and looks quite nice. In the photo above I have the P2 Summer Attack bronzing mist on my right leg. My legs are already lightly tanned, so the effect is not so dramatic, but it is noticeable yet subtle. It is pretty much waterproof, I need soap to get it off, and it doesn't rub off on clothes.
I have to admit I bought it without looking at the ingredient list.
The product is limited edition, so grab it! 30ml kost 4,95 €.

Alverde Deo Roll-On Soft Aloe Vera Perle

    I got fed up of the Speick stick, and wanted to find something with a more delicate scent. Also, the Specik deo started getting less effective (do the bacteria breed to get resistant to all my deos?) This deo from Alverde met my criteria of not containing alcohol or baking soda (both dry out my armpit skin). The main ingredient here is zinc oxide, which is new to me as a deodorant.  Other deodorising ingredients are silica and sea salt. The scent is very mild, flowery but not too strong or sweet. The deo doesn't dry out my skin at all. The only (slight) minus is that the skin is white after application, and it takes a couple of minutes for it to sink in.
  Here is a bit more about zinc oxide in deoorants + a diy recipe.
Bottom line: love it and will probably stay faithful to it (until my beloved crystal deos start working for me again).
This Alverde Deo is Natrue-certified and cruelty-free.

Sundepil hair removal pads

   The Sundepil pads were sold at a kiosk at a fair I went to, and they are an impulse buy that I regret. Not that the pads don't work -- they work really well, but I see no reason I'd prefer them to razors. The manufacturer states: "The active surface of sundepil pads is covered with small crystals. These crystal surfaces help pluck the hairs from the roots by rotary movements, leaving the skin looking soft and slightly fair, as if freshly exfoliated." I'd correct this and say that the hair is not plucked out, it is simply rubbed off. You massage the skin with the pad, and you remove the hair and exfoliate the skin the same time. As the hair is removed only on the surface, it grows back just as stubbly as after shaving. I tested it out on the face, and the crystals are too harsh for me and scratched me. The epilating pads worked really well on the legs and arms, but again I see no advantage over razors. Maybe if you nick yourself a lot? I have not noticed any "razor bumps" with the pads but then I have been shaving for so long that I have stopped getting them from razors years ago.
    The price was 20€ for one big pad and one small, with 4 surface replacements for each.

Featured Store: Kiko Makeup Milano

    So a branch of Kiko opened in my town some time back. I have been there a couple of times and wanted to share a couple of recommendations with you. If you don't have a Kiko in your town, chances are you can buy these goodies online!
  First of all, Kiko has the cheapest nail glass file that I could find :) It costs 2,50€. Yay! Glass files are much kinder to the nails than normal files.
  I also like Kiko nail polish -- it is durable, has a big selection of colours, and is quite affordable (costs much less than Essie or Sally Hansen). Many nail salons in my town use Kiko nail colours.
At Kiko you can find the famous Konjac cleansing sponge. This is the only brick-and-mortar store I have seen these sponges in.
  The last thing that I really liked at Kiko are the eyeshadow pens called Eyetech Look. It is basically loose eyeshadow inside a pen with a sponge tip. The tip is actually big enough to use easily. Such an eyeshadow pen is great for travelling or for your handbag (although you'd still need a brush for blending). The only downside is that all of the colours are very shimmery/metallic.

    Their skin care products didn't impress me, the couple I had a look at were your typical stuff with a bunch of non-skin-friendly ingredients. I didn't bother to go through all of them, not when there is such a big choice of affordable natural products in other stores.

    Which products have you fallen in love with this month? Have you ever shopped at Kiko, and if so what would you recommend? 

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