Which Bras Did I Buy Again When My Size Changed + Bra Sale 28-30, B-E

   Which bras would I rebuy every time my size changed? Also, I am clearing out my bra drawer, which means you have the chance to grab some cheap bras!

   When I realised I went up a cup sizes, I was suddenly faced with literally nothing to wear, except for two really old bras left over from pregnancy times. Putting together a new bra wardrobe can be frustrating (just when you finally got all you needed, and besides: all that money!), but at the same time it's nice to have a clean palette. Some of my old bras were so amazing that I didn't want to part with them, others I didn't feel sad to part with.
     So which of my old bras did I re-buy in a new size? Here are the models that made it to "level 2":

Panache Sports Bra

   A good sports bra is a wardrobe staple, and the Panache beat the Freya for a place in my bra drawer. The Freya Sport does offer better support, but the difference is not so noticeable in my size (and I don't do very "hard" sports). However I found myself reaching for the Panache sport way more often than for the Freya sport because I'm not too fond of the pointy shape I get in the Freya.

Ewa Michalak CH Onyx 

 I love this bra for the comfort, lift and shape it gives me. I also like the little inserts which give me control of how cleaveage-y I want to be that day. I have already re-bought this but accidentally in the PL instead of the CH Version, which does fit well but doesn't look as good on me as the CH. Does anyone want reviews?

Parfait Affinitas Charlotte Balconet

  This bra is fabulous and I hope they never stop producing it, as I plan to re-buy it every time I change sizes. Great fit, cute design, luxurious fabric, lovely lift -- what more could a girl want? I am definitely going to buy this, I'm just looking till my shop of choice stocks up on a certain other bra. And I'm having a hard time letting go of the one that doesn't fit any more: what if Affinitas stop producing them?

Ewa Michalak Toffi Strapless 

   This is definitely not the most comfortable bra in my drawer, but it is the most reliable one. The support is amazing, everything is immobilised. I wear it very often in the summer, not only with strapless dresses but with wide necks or elegant strappy stuff.
   Here is the interesting thing though: the Toffi strapless still fits! There used to be a little gaping at the top of the cups, which I put down to my breasts being bottom-heavy. Well, now it's gone.

Other bras I would rebuy:

    Luckily I bought a few new favourites in my new size. The Weismann Tamara is a soft-cup that fits perfectly and would be a potential re-buy in the future. So would the OnlyHer Latte Plunge.
    And there are two models that aren't being produced any more that I'd love to re-buy: the Panache Flamenco which is amazing, and the Discover Mademoiselle Clara Bow. And the Ewa Michalak bikini top in red.

Bra Sale! For You!

   With a heavy heart I am sorting out my bra drawer and releasing these beauties. If you'd like to buy any of them, sent me a mail at eternaloyageur (at) gmail(dot) com. I ship internationally for 2.50€ :) And of course feel free to ask anything in the comments.

Panache Sports, 28DD, in good condition. Grey-blue colour. 28€  Review here

Panache Tango II in fuschia, 28E, lightly worn. 18€ I'd say it runs a bit small in the cups.

 Panache Tango II plunge in soft pinkish violet, 28DD. Good condition. 1€. I'd say it runs a bit small in the cups.

Panache Tango II in violet, 28E 14. I'd say it runs a bit small in the cups.

Fantasie Fullcup in 30DD, new with tags. 14€

Charnos bioform 30DD, with the famous "wing" underwires which are comfortable and supportive. 30DD, for 14€. Apparently is also a collector's item.

Panache backless Bustier in 30D, detachable straps. New with tags, cups run slightly large.

Passionata black strapless, UK32B fits like a 30D on the tightest hook. Back view. Has removable straps, which I forgot to include in the photo. Very comfortable (padded) underwires. Lightly worn. 18€

Parfait Affinitas Tamara Demi Bra 30DD, fits like a 30D, with matching bottoms (M). Almost new. A very sexy set! 20€

Discover Mademoiselle 30DD, fits like a 30D. 12€

Discover Mademoiselle Clara Bow in 30D 12€

Gossard Superboost in 30D. Gives a nice cleavage. The band is tightened with an elastic for a tutorial on this blog. 6€

Panache Porcelain in 28DD, white but a part of the strap got coloured lightly pink by accident. 6€  Review and photos here.

Marks and Spencers black, 30B, unworn. 12€ (will add photo tomorrow).

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