Review: Wiesmann Roxana Balconette in 65E

   Remember the beautiful Wiesmann bra that I reviewed a while back? It is still one of my favourite bras and the best soft-cup (wired but not padded) bra that I own. So when I recently realised that I own too many neutral bras that are either lined or moulded, I decided to treat myself to some Wiesmann.

   The fit of this red Roxana Balconette is exactly the same as that of the Tiffany, indeed it is exactly the same cut only in a different material. The cups run small. The cups give a very rounded shape, and looks like it has been custom-made for me; there is no wrinkling at all. The top edge of the cups lies flat on the breasts, neither cutting in nor standing away. The balcony shape is very flattering, both for small breasts and bigger ones.
  Another plus point is for the removable straps: though the bra cannot be worn as a strapless, the possibility to switch out the straps is quite practical.
    I had absolutely no issues with the underwires this time. My only complaint is that the material might be a bit scratchy for someone with sensitive skin. It's not the best quality mesh that I have seen. For more details and measurements, check out the review of the Wiesmann Tiffany balconette.

    I will just leave a couple of photos, before we can talk about where to buy Wiesmann bras:



  Shopping for Wiesmann bras

   The more "common" sizes of Wiesmann bras are easily available. Even Amazon and Ebay stores sells Wiesmann, and you might find other online stores if you google. I found Wiesmann bras in German online stores such as welt-der-dessous or ladys-dreams, but they usually cost more than what they cost in Poland. However, I had a very hard time finding band 65 (UK30). In the end I bought from which accepts Paypal, ships internationally for reasonable prices, and features models which look a tad, um, porny. The site is in Polish, but I think you can navigate is easily with Google translate.

   Here is review of another Wiesmann bra, namely the Wiesmann Maja balconette.

Did anyone of you try a Wiesmann bra? If yes, I'd love to know where you got it.

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